A Salty High Essay

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A Salty High

I gazed there, looking among the horizon, a dawn sky brightened with the rising sun; waiting for the most unique peeler to form my way. Sitting on my 6’2

fiberglass surfboard, i was in awe at the beautiful lively nature that surrounded me. The ocean breeze sprayed against my face and the salty moisture in the air plastered to my dry lips. I noticed the seagulls in the distance, were soaring around a gigantic school of flounder, among the shallow waters of the sandbar. The tide was demanding and it pulled me along south as I watched my towel on the beach, diminish.

Surfing- it’s more than a weekend activity with the kids, or a successful football game; it’s a way of life, a lifestyle. Being encompassed by the most natural environment, can be so unwinding. Successfully maneuvering a wave takes concentration, superior balance, and no fear to a new rank. The natural high of surfing is as good a feeling as making an ‘A’ on an exam [if not better].

The white water was breaking behind me and I was forced to move beyond it. I paddled as hard as I could, but progressed nowhere. “Why,” I pondered to myself, “Why am I so weak?” I slowly pushed to the furthest sandbar, where the waves were less trifling. Surfers: the tan, salt induced bodies of them all were in harmony with nature’s sea of sodium. The hard-core wave riders were off in the distance waiting for the sets, as I rode ‘over the falls’ at the shallow cold sandbar.

Becoming one with nature is the most rewarding feeling someone can experience. People have become so caught up in their daily routines, they don’t allow themselves the good points in life. In the cool waters of the ocean are the people enjoying the high, the ‘Salty High.’

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