A road and farm land Essay

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A road and farm land

My whole life my immediate family has always had a lot of land that we use for farming, recreation, and a place for our animals to live. The land that we own now is miles from any kind of civilization so it is secluded and very peaceful. The land consist of farming fields, grassy pastures, thick woods, creeks, rivers, a pond, as well as the farming equipment and the animals. In most peoples eyes this would be a great place to experiment using all of the body’s natural senses.

To get to the land I have to turn off of a main highway, which is usually a pretty busy road with lots of traffic onto a dirt road. I must travel down the road for at least a couple of miles and by driving down this road the vehicle throws red dust goes everywhere. The dust sticks to the exterior of the vehicle as well as anything else is touches. As I go down this old dirt road the sunlight splinters through the canopy of oak and pine trees down and illuminates the red dust that is suspended in the air. Once I have travel for a couple of miles and get to the end of the road there is a brown, rusty gate on the right. The gate leads into the grassy pasture that has cows and horses scattered around grazing as they please.

As I progress on through the beautiful land I come up to the big red barn with a weather vane on the roof. This is sort of the main part of the land. When I exit the vehicle the smell of hay, dust, and sweet sap is strong. The dry hard grass crunches under my feet as each foot presses against the ground. The cows and horses are bellowing as they wait impatiently to be fed, the grass hoppers sound like airplanes as they fly past my ears, and also I can hear the sound of water rushing over rocks from one of the creeks. The closer to the barn I get the stench coming from the hog pen grows more and more extreme.

The forest line starts right behind the barn. Once into the wooded area I can hear birds, insects, the water from the creeks and rivers, the smashing of sticks and dead leaves made by my feet as well as by the other forest animals. I can feel the crunching under my feet, the leaves ruffling against my bare arms, and even the moisture in the air coming up off of the river.

The land that my family owns is a very secluded and peaceful place. When on the land a person will experience many different senses. From the way a grass hopper flying by sounds to the way a hog pen smells. The experience of being on this land is guaranteed to be nothing less than breathtaking

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