A Rich Internet Application Computer Science Essay

Rich Internet Application ( RIA ) fundamentally is a type of web applications that portion the same characteristic as desktop application but alternatively of show it in Windowss signifier, it runs on any web browsers and it besides platform independent which mean it able to run on any operating system. It combines the best of desktop application, web application and communicating together to organize new platforms. ( IDC, 2003 )

RIA non merely synergistic and good looking, they besides presenting a rich cyberspace experience without page refresh or waiter postbacks.

Java, flash and Microsoft Silverlight are the most common platforms available on the World Wide Web. For illustration, Google hunt engine textbox utilizing the car complete from AJAX, Sony Ericson website are largely design utilizing Adobe flash, Microsoft web site picture are load utilizing Silverlight and many more. ( Wikipedia, 2010 )

RIA has existed long clip ago such as Rich Web Application, Java applets, Macromedia Shockwave, Microsoft Remote Scripting and omnipresent Flash format, but today there are many new web criterions available but most of them are utilizing the same rules as the RIAs.

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( Wikipedia, 2010 )

In order to establish a RIA application, users need to put in a sort of package called package model such as Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight, Java runtime environment ( JRE ) and so on. This is the chief difference between RIA and Ajax ( Asynchronous JavaScript and XML ) , Ajax required no installing of any package model at all and it uses the map or characteristics that are build-in in the web browser.

History of RIA

The term Rich Internet Application or RIA was introduced in a Macromedia whitepaper in March 2002, though this construct had been around for old ages but under different names such as:

Java applets, by Sun, 1995

Remote Scripting, by Microsoft, Circa 1998

Ten Internet, by Forrester Research, October 2000

Rich ( WEB ) Clients

Rich Web Application

No 1 truly knows precisely what is this RIA engineering truly is and developed by whom.

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The developers merely cognize how to use this sort of engineering into their web application. Many times, when person says RIA, they really means JavaScript, Flash, CSS or AJAX.

Rich Internet Application Frameworks

Adobe AIR ( Adobe Integrated Runtime )

The first version of AIR 1.0 was released in March 2008, current version is Adobe AIR 2 that are able to utilize different engineering such as JavaScript, HTML codification, Flash, and even ActionScript to construct web application that able to run on different web browser or even as a standalone application. This engineering allows the interior decorator and developer to utilize their creativeness to develop the application for different devices and platforms utilizing the consistent, flexible and ocular development environment provided by Adobe.

The AIR 2.0 besides have many sweetening from the old version of AIR such as, increase maximal window size, public presentation betterment, faster JavaScript engine, security betterment, cross-platform vector printing and so on. ( Adobe, 2010 )

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a type of web application that combines all the in writing, life, multimedia and interactivity in one runtime environment. A Silverlight application work by naming the HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language ) and so lade the XAML file which contain the Canvas object that act as the container for other elements. The earliest version of Silverlight is Silverlight 1.0 which is released in 2007 contain merely core presentation model that used to manage the user interface, interactivity and user input, basic UI control, in writing and life, multimedia playback, Digital rights direction ( DRM ) and besides ROM integrating. The latest version of Silverlight is version 4 that was released in April 2010. The characteristics of Silverlight are similar to Adobe Flash. ( Microsoft, 2010 )

Google Gears

Google Gears is an unfastened beginning application that enables the user to add more characteristics to their bing web browsers. It uses their home brew API to synchronise the information and us the SQLite to hive away all the information. Gears besides need a local waiter host to host the content so that the user can entree the content offline. It besides use JavaScript to heighten the public presentation. ( Google, 2010 )

Yttrium! BrowserPlus

BrowserPlus is a engineering that allowed developers to make rich web application with the capableness similar to those desktop applications utilizing web browser. The singularity of the BroserPlus is the ability to update and add new services to the browser without restart the browser or recharge the page. ( Yahoo, 2010 )

Mozilla Prism

Mozilla Prism is an application that allows the users to divide the web applications from their web browser and run it on their desktop. The user besides able to add their favourite web application to their desktop environment.

Figure 3.0

Beginning: & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //people.mozilla.com/~faaborg/files/prism/announcement/refracting550.png & gt ;

Prism is n’t a new platform, it ‘s merely the web platform integrated into the desktop experience. Web developers do n’t hold to aim it individually, because any application that can run in a modern standards-compliant web browser can run in Prism. Prism is built on Firefox, so it supports rich cyberspace engineerings like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and & lt ; canvas & gt ; and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. ( Bread, 2007 )


The HTML 5 presently is still under development, and it is the following HTML criterion. This new HTML 5 still inherits all the characteristics from its predecessors and add-on some new characteristics like Semantic Markup, Form Enhancement, Drag and Drop, Audio and Video playback, editable content and so on without trusting on any browser circuit board or JavaScript like its predecessors. Meaning it can make all the rendition and processing within the browser itself. HTML 5 besides able to manage wrong sentence structure so that older versions of the web browsers besides able to run the latest HTML 5 codification construction. ( W3C, 2009 )

Characteristic of Rich Internet Application

The connexion between hunt engine handiness and web handiness is instead weak. For illustration it took over a decennary from release for Adobe Flash to be universally searchable. ( impact-work, 2010 )

Advanced communications with back uping waiters can better the user experience, for illustration by utilizing optimized web protocols, asynchronous I/O and pre-fetching informations ( eg Youtube picture ) . Likewise, these sort of engineering required dependable broadband connections.A ( impact-work, 2010 )

The beforehand solution and complexness of RIA makes it harder for the web developer to plan, develop, deploy and debug so the traditional web application but usually is less difficult than application package. ( impact-work, 2010 )

Consistency of user interface and experience can be controlled across operating systems. Performance monitoring and mistake diagnosing sometimes can be disputing and hard.

Circuit boards, sandboxes or practical machines installing and care is a must but for some of the smaller application, they will hold it update set to automatic by its developers. The installing procedure is usually faster than the application package but slower than the normal traditional web applications. ( impact-work, 2010 )

By working in offline ( or intranet ) , it able to keep the province locally on the client machine but there are besides other web criterion such paradigm in Google Gears besides has this characteristics enabled in the native web applications. ( impact-work, 2010 )

The security of RIA web application is improved compared to native web application but lower comparison to application package with the aid of the sandboxes and automatic updates but the extensions of the web application are capable to exposure and entree is most likely much greater comparison to native web application. ( impact-work, 2010 )

Depending on the application and the web feature used, the overall web application public presentation can be improved. For illustration, the application can avoid latency of round-trips to the waiter by treating it locally without postback to server, by making so, the overall procedure is faster comparison to the other traditional web application that send it procedure petition to server and wait for waiter to treat it and return the consequence. Besides that, offloading work to client machine besides able to better waiter public presentation therefore the resources demand can be converse enable for smaller, embedded and nomadic devices to be usage. ( impact-work, 2010 )

The profusion of the RIA is non supported by traditional web browser such as video gaining control ( e.g. Adobe Flash ) . ( impact-work, 2010 )

Benefits of utilizing Rich Internet Applications

RIA uses the advantages from the client CPU to assist the web waiter to render or treat the interface, so RIA able to supply a real-time user-interface which is about impossible to make with normal HTML web site. The rich cyberspace map provided by RIA may included anything that can be implemented in the system in used on client side such as utilizing skidder to alter the position, retarding force and bead map, rapid climb in and rapid climb out for image, computation that go on on client and do non necessitate to be send back to the waiter.

Rich Assetss

The fundamental between traditional web site and modern rich cyberspace application is different. Traditional web site in made up wholly of text maybe with some image, whether it use inactive HTML, Java or.Net, it still Text-based web site.

Unlike traditional web site, RIA has more assets to cover with, such as Audio, Graphic, Video, State, Transition, and Effect. The content of RIA is interaction-based which mean is dynamic and the content is change from clip to times. ( Bryan, 2009 )

Rich Experience

The profusion of RIA means rich user experience. It is sort of paradigm displacement fromA what we can supply moreA toA how we can assist users acquire more.

Due to the profusion of the RIA and it interaction-based theoretical account, a well design and construct web application utilizing RIA frequently provide it user new experience. ( Bryan, 2009 )

Rich Functionality

By utilised the latest and modern web engineering like Adobe Flex/Flash/AIR, AJAX, or Mircrosoft Silverlight, an RIA able to supply maps manner beyond the traditional web site. For illustration, the PhotoShop ExpressA or Google Docs, the manner they is more or less silimar to desktop application which is impossible in the yesteryear. ( Bryan, 2009 )

Rich Clients

In traditional web application, it frequently puts heavy work load to the waiter whether it ‘s platforms is Java, .Net or PHP, the web waiter had to make all kind of processing such as maintain the user session, procedure the user petition and procedure the consequence and direct back to the user. While on the client side, it web browser merely medium to expose the consequence of the petition earlier.

On the contrary, RIA leverages the turning power of client machine. It installs a runtime ( such as browser circuit board ) on the client side, and executes most of maps locally.

On the contrary, RIA relies on the client machine treating power to make most of the rendition and processing. In order to make so, it had to put in the browser circuit board so that RIA able to put to death it maps locally. ( Bryan, 2009 )

Rich Communicationss

The traditional manner to run a web application is like:

Click a button

Wait for the respond from waiter

Click another button or choose other action

Whenever users ask for something, the browser has to direct a HTTP petition to the waiter, delay for the response back from the waiter, and review the page. ThisA synchronousA communicating method necessarily creates negative impact on serviceability.

While RIA usually usesA AsynchronousA communicating method. It allows the application to acquire the information from the waiter without the page reload. It makes the application faster and more user-friendly. ( Bryan, 2009 )

Search Engine Optimization

This is another large challenge faced by RIA. Today ‘s major hunt engines are still Text-Driven. They have trouble to to the full index the content inside compiled file, such as Adobe Flash File ( .swf ) .

On the other manus, because RIA is running independentlyA on its ain browser circuit board, it is difficult for the browse to capture the application province. For illustration, the URL keeps the same regardless of content alterations. This causes jobs with Bookmark, Page History, Back Button, and Search Engine Index.

Of class, the major RIA sellers are good cognizant of this challenge. For illustration, Adobe actively cooperates with Google and Yahoo to better the hunt consequences. It besides provides Deep Link capableness to back up URL based pilotage in the browser. ( Bryan, 2009 )

Restriction of normal web-based application

The normal web-based application can hike their performance/response by implementing RIA into their system. RIA is needed because there are many restrictions in normal web base application. They suffer from the inability to adequately visually represent the complexnesss required in today ‘s applications. ( IDC, 2003 )

Some of the complexnesss in normal web applications are:

Procedure complexness

Process complexness mean the web application need more than one stairss, procedure or even options to finish a undertaking. Due to the restrictions of interactivity of HTML, the users really necessitate to travel through many stairss or procedures to see their consequences. This whole procedure is really troublesome, clip consuming and sometime thwarting to the user.

The best pattern is to stand for the complex procedures in simpler or additive work flow and cut down the figure of stairss or procedure and let high grade of interactivity within user interface. A extremely interactivity interface able to work out the complex procedures multi stairss or additive workflow more straight and intuitively. ( IDC, 2003 )

Data Complexity

Checking, go throughing or having informations or information illustrates data complexness. E.g. HR section and Accounting section frequently use the internal web to acquire the information needed but sometime there are excessively much of informations need to be procedure, as a consequence the public presentation is besides being affected.

Therefore some sort of tools is needed to visualise the informations needed so that users able to voyage through and research the informations and understand it better. This sort of tools allow them to expose the information in a manner that is easy for the user to understand such as chart or graph so that they able to see it in subdivisions therefore provide better apprehension.

When user able to voyage and pull strings the informations, informations complexness is reduced and more understanding and compelling by the simpleness of the ocular presentation. ( IDC, 2003 )

Configuration Complexity

Presents there are still exist some web site that are still utilizing text to stand for the criteria-based or parametric hunt which mean they are unable to show the ocular image of the terminal consequence of the merchandise.

Example, there are many Web applications that allow their users to put or configure their merchandise from something every bit cheap as a fabric to something expensive as a Personal computer or auto.

It is hard because the application needs to expose the consequence of more than one or even more to the users as a consequence the addition the complexness of represent the valid combination of merchandise option.

Configure these merchandises is non an easy undertaking and sometime is rather troublesome. Representing this complexness includes indicating needed elements, bespeaking both valid and invalid combinations, bespeaking selected problem doing elements and their proper declaration, supplying cost information for each single choice and besides the entire cost, in the terminal enabling the users to see the consequence. If the application able to make this so the figure of users who abandon their attempt portion manner through the procedure will be greatly cut down. ( IDC, 2003 )

Scale complexness

Most of the cyberspace applications are able to entree to the informations that was antecedently available with the aid of new techniques to seek and compare informations. For illustration, criteria-based merchandise seeking characteristic that allows the user to screen out the point he/she want out of hundred or thousand of it. Most of today web sites are utilizing these sort of hunt method with textual and port of the image will demo beside.

First, the user will come in his or her standards, Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s state the user wide area network to seek a computing machine that suit them, so the standards might be processor, RAM size, HDD size, GPU and etc. After that the site will return the consequence with fiting computing machine that meet with the standards that the user had enter before.

Another type of seeking method is utilizing image or some sort of visual image assistance to assist with the searching. This method able to cut down the complexness of the hunt infinite and therefore supplying more direct, dynamic ocular feedback of the hunt filter. It started by supplying a list of image incorporating all the computing machines image shown on the page.

As the user selects filter standards utilizing cheque boxes or skidders or informations entry Fieldss, the site will automatically take all the miss lucifer computing machine about immediately and go forthing merely those computing machine that match the standards. The consequence is a radically different experience, of contracting the focal point from zero if no standards matched to few computing machines that fit the standards or possibly one that closer to the user ‘s existent physical universe purchasing experience.

Leting users to visually extinguish the invalid options or filtered consequences removes complexness and increases user assurance. ( IDC, 2003 )

Thing or standards that needed on Internet Applications

Based on the growing chances presented in IDC research, it is clear that the impact of Internet application will go on to increase on overall concern particularly when the companies wants to work more closely with it clients, providers and internally it ‘s staffs. ( IDC, 2003 )

To work out the jobs that frequently occur in the Web application, it is able to:

Use a omnipresent client

Able to run on cross platforms and multiple different hardware

Work good on low or high bandwidth connexions

Restore treating power ( non merely rendering capablenesss ) to the client

Deliver prosecuting user interfaces with high grades of interactivity

Represent procedure, information constellation, graduated table and feedback complexness

Utilize sound, picture, images and text in a seamless mode

Support the nomadic work flow by leting users to work on- and off-line

Allow the client to find for itself what content or information to entree and when ( Asynchronous content retrieval )

Access multiple center grade services and backend informations shops

Supply a dynamic and powerful front terminal for the germinating Web Services based web utilizing criterions such as XML and SOAP

Integrate with bequest applications and systems

Allow for the incremental add-on of new maps to bing Web applications and environments to acquire the most out of bing Web application investings

By utilize these engineering into their solutions, the restrictions of traditional web application will be overcome so that the user able to see so new sorts of prosecuting, advanced user experiences and applications.

Why Companies should see implement RIA in their Internet Application

Internet application able to assist companies to link straight with their chances, clients and besides their concern spouses. But most of the companies frequently complaint that they did non to the full use the cyberspace engineering to assist them derive concern advantages. While Rich Internet Applications apply across a wide lattice of industries and utilizations, one of their chief aims is to let company to cut down the complexnesss that appear in between the modern and traditional Web application. With the aid of RIA, companies able to acquire closer to their vision of application, their clients, and besides to the concern impact that they have believe in the Internet could hold done for their overall concern. This is expressed most clearly in what RIAs have allowed or enabled companies to make. ( IDC, 2003 )

Companies have considered and chosen RIAs because they believed they could:

Develop new sorts of applications with characteristics or capablenesss that would be highly hard or impossible for a developer to make utilizing traditional Web engineerings.

Engage, usher and listen to their clients on-line more closely or more closely to how they would make it in individual to increase trueness, better service, intensify the client relationship, separate the company, or steer merchandise development.

Create compelling, attractive Web sites utilizing sound, picture, text and artworks that generate leads, addition gross revenues, simplify communicating and make a alone online experience worth returning to.

Simplify typically complex procedures like enrollment, constellation or buying taking to increased leads, gross revenues, engagements, clip on the site and repetition visits.

Present information to their employees, direction and spouses in clear, advanced, intuitive and effectual ways to increase productiveness, information sharing, decision-making and competitory advantage.

Supply an engaging, extremely synergistic presentation bed to underlying Web Services.

Reduce bandwidth costs associated with frequent page refresh for high traffic sites.

Dramatically increase gross revenues of their merchandises and services through their Internet channel.

Build an engaging, extremely synergistic Web site or application at a decreased cost compared to utilizing alternate Web engineerings.

These are the grounds why companies should see a Rich Internet Application for their concern.

Linkage to concluding twelvemonth undertaking

The intent of making this subject is to let me to derive more cognition on rich cyberspace application, how it works, benefits of implement it, and why should we implement it in our web application.

Rich cyberspace application non merely let me to get the better of the restriction of normal HTML web application, but I besides able to better my Courier System GUI to even more friendlier, more dynamic and even to the full use the map on RIA.

For illustration, by utilizing Silverlight, I able to make more interesting and even prettier user interface. These interfaces non merely look simple, but besides easy to utilize comparison to that bequest HTML interface that sometime confuse the user due to it complex design.

Besides that, by using AJAX engineering, I will be able to increase my system public presentation. Because AJAX let me to utilize car complete characteristic to seek for country station by utilizing the country name as standards. Then the car complete will seek through the database with fiting prefix of the twine without the user to come in the whole country name. I besides will utilize the updatepane in this system so that some of the map that can be done in client side will be procedure at client side without directing postback to server or even review the page.

Critical rating

For this research, I had look though many resources to garner information that I needed to finish my seminar study. Due to the deficiency of item information in article or diary that I read, I had to seek for more information in some of the study written by other organisation.

Through all the resources I used, the white paper prepared by IDC ( International Data Corporation ) , is the most resourceful among all the resorts I got in manus. The ground is the information inside this white paper had provided most of the information I needed including instance survey that had done by them sing the impact about RIA to different sort of concern web applications. This sort of information is really utile for me to cognize how RIA will impact different sort of concern nature and besides how RIA helps them derive net incomes. Not merely has that, they besides able to supply clear overview on the current market, characteristic and restrictions, definitions, benefits summary, and so on.

Besides the white paper prepared by IDC, W3C web site besides one of my beginnings of information. Although most of the information provided in this web site is in proficient portion, but it a good beginning of information to cognize how it really work, the alteration log from older version to current version, what are the betterment and so on. But sometime the information is excessively “ proficient ” that it is difficult to be understand even if the individual that reading it are experience in web application development. The ground is the information consist more coding so apprehensible information. That why if normal people that read the information without or deficiency of HTML or web developing background will be confused or non understand it at all.

I besides gather some of my information from assorted major RIA developers such as Macromedia/Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and etc. With this, I able to detect many different platforms developed by different developers. Thou most of them are explicating their ain model and platforms, but at that place besides exclusion such as Adobe and Microsoft whereby there besides explicating some of the basic RIA construct and some brief information. Not merely that, Adobe managed to province out the advantages of utilizing RIA in web application and besides supply some of the research statistic done by other research workers.


As a decision, non merely RIA able to get the better of the restriction of the HTML web site or web application but besides provided some excess characteristics to heighten the web application public presentation. If the RIA – based application is proper designed by the developer, it may even outstand the desktop application and non merely that, it besides can increase the concern competitory while cut downing the development cost and development clip.

These sorts of engineerings able to simplify the development, direction and the attempt of incorporating or replacing the bing system without take the old web application. With this, companies able to better their gross revenues, more effectual client services and client support and besides selling schemes. Because they are able to expose the information, information, or merchandises in more additive and tidy ways and as a consequence addition a distinguishable competitory advantages over the other rivals.

RIA based application have many advantages over the traditional web application, there no ground why companies should non alter their old/traditional web application to RIA based application. RIA based application able to assist them derive more gross and besides able to assist them to pull some possible clients.

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