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A individual is forced to give an Apologia or a address of ego defence when their action is being questioned and they want everyone to cognize the truth about what happened. Similarly, Tiger Wood ‘s repute was damaged due to the recent studies of his domestic force, criminal conversation and his cheating behaviour. On February 19th 2010, he presented a 14 minute Apologia through a televised intelligence conference supporting his actions because his public and private life was being threatened. B. L. Ware and Wil A.

Linkugel in their October 1973 Quarterly Journal of Speech article, “ They Spoke in Defense of Themselves: On the Generic Criticism of Apologia ” hold given a truly good position on Apologia. They identified four different techniques available to a individual presenting an Apologia, viz. denial, bolstering, distinction, and transcendency. Using these four factors of verbal ego defence, we can measure the rhetorical techniques that Tiger Wood applied in his Apologia.

Tiger Woods delivered his address in a really excusatory tone.

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But an analysis of his address leads to some fascinating inside informations about his province of his head before and now. He stated that he had reached the pinnacle of his featuring calling and felt consumed by its successes and that empowered him to experience entitled to anything he sought out to make. This sort of concluding exhibits that he was someway caught in a whirlpool of celebrity and luck and the idea of being unfaithful to his married woman and the outrage that brought to his household escaped his head.

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What makes this denial worse is the fact he continued to make these things until he was really exposed by others instead than him coming to footings on his ain and acknowledging it. We all do things in life that we regret and wish we could hold done things otherwise. The moral fiber in everyone should keep us back when we continue to astray. Tiger Woods spoke about how he would wish to maintain things private when it comes to non affecting his married woman and kids in the spotlight and that has to be commended for certain. But he besides influenced the people who worked for him and went to great lengths to protect his evildoings from his married woman. The furtive behaviour in making so someway ever gets explained as some kind of unwellness and therapy could be disposed for it in get the better ofing it. But the truth is that such behaviours could be a manifestation of one ‘s hapless moral fiber and arrant neglect to household values. To spread out farther, people resort to these behaviours when they find things inadequate in their personal life. But given the fact he was a merrily married adult male blessed with kids and with his married woman by his side, it takes a well weaker head and deficiency of moral fiber to indulge in those evildoings. The fact is his ain equals ( fellow golf players ) all live a life of celebrity and luck and while they have managed to populate life good within acceptable boundaries, he chose to seek out illicit relationships and continued to make so in malice of the downward spiral that he would stop up in along with the trepidations he would do to approach and dear 1s. While his apology appears to be profound and sincere at the beginning, the implicit in grounds he gave for what he has done do non look really convincing and that in some respect shows his denial of what started all this.

Tiger Woods came to the dais and wanted to convey his compunction for what has transpired in his life. He was talking of a state of affairs that many people may hold gone though in their ain lives and hence the job was a instead common one. The solution to such a job is non easy by any agencies. Whenever the talker relates to things and takes duty for his actions and readily accepts his ain guilt, it evokes a feeling of empathy and forgiveness amongst the general audience instead than dwelling on hatred or doing incendiary or vitriol statements. In the yesteryear, he was ever accused of being really robotic when it came to his traffics with the media and fans. He is besides thought to be slightly of an elect individual who is non really amiable. During his address, he came right out and showed contrite feeling and emotion when he said the regulations that apply to all married work forces use to him every bit good and that he failed to recognize that during his halcyon yearss. This made him look more human. He besides made a statement that he is non interested in brooding upon the inside informations that the media wants him to speak about but alternatively chooses to maintain them private between him and his married woman. This makes him less of a famous person and more of a common adult male which identifies good with the audience. He expressed repent in how he allow down childs and parents who wish to pattern themselves after him. He seemed to be emotional during the address and that surely gave the feeling to the audience that he is seeking forgiveness from everyone. When a individual feels like he has reached the low-water mark of being and is looking for an olive subdivision of hope, this reaches deep down into one ‘s nucleus emotional being. Tiger has stated that he is undergoing rehabilitation and seeking to go on to happen solutions for his issues and this gives people the belief that everyone deserves a 2nd opportunity in life. He besides stated rather clearly that he takes the incrimination on himself for all his actions and his married woman Elin is clear of any incrimination through these disruptive period. These factors show him as a individual willing to accept and take ownership of his workss. He showed acuteness to acquire back to a normal life and wants to be a good hubby and male parent instead than concentrate on his current golfing profession which reiterates his committedness and desire to do things right.

Tiger Woods knows to the full good the reverberations of such a address of his ain admittance of guilt. Yet he chose a really public forum to convey his ideas and emotions this shows the audience a more direct attack. He is a famed jock and a really complete 1. He has a beautiful married woman and lovely childs and gives back to the community via assorted charitable activities. It is really easy for people to believe that his life is good laid out and that any evildoing that happens has no topographic point for forgiveness. But he tried to explicate the fact that his celebrity and ability to stand out in golf kind of made him believe that he is almighty and that he could make anything and acquire off with it. He gave everyone a position of how person with his celebrity and luck could really throw away everything but non needfully experience any compunction for his actions. He condemned his ain behaviour for making all those actions but besides tried to acquire the audience to visualise how something like that could go on to others.

Tiger Woods delivered the apology with a perfect voice vibrating to the audience his bitterness towards his actions. He was dressed up in a dark jacket and a light bluish shirt with no tie which shows that he is mourning his errors. He starts his address thanking the audience for coming over to listen to his address. This shows that he is seeking to do his audience a little more comfy and conveying them one measure closer to him. At one point he had his manus over his bosom picturing to us that he is talking from his bosom and is here to state the audience the whole truth and nil but the whole truth. He uses a good pick of words to do his audience believe in him and do his errors look better, particularly utilizing the word “ personal businesss ” alternatively of “ criminal conversation ” . In his address, he portrays himself as being a household cat and who wants to protect his household from the evil public oculus. He uses this to his advantage to rock the audience ‘s head from the fact that he has committed criminal conversation and that he really is a good hubby and male parent.

In drumhead, a talker tries to pass on a believable ethos by turn outing to the audience that he his truthful in what he is stating and making. Tiger Woods tried to hike his ethos by acknowledging to incorrect making, demoing his concern for his household, reaffirming his committedness to golf, and besides by thanking the participants and PGA tour executives.

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A Rhetorical Analysis Of Tiger Woods English Literature Essay

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