A Review on Alex Cross’s Trial Essay

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A Review on Alex Cross’s Trial

Good morning everyone! Recently, I had the honour to read the book—written by Mr. James Patterson—Alex Cross’s Trial. I was awestruck by the epic struggle of the hero against the racial discrimination between the white and the coloured, as well as the absorbing plot. Therefore, I irresistibly wondered: Is Singapore a racial-harmony country? How can we make it better? Firstly, Singapore is not a standard racial-harmony country, as there are still sedition acts detected. In 2008, a middle-aged Christian couple was charged under both the Sedition Act and the Undesirable Publications Act with distributing seditious publications to two Muslim women. Does the story help y’all to reflect your daily words and deeds? Have you been a racist when people from a different race come to ask for help?

Are you disgusted with their certain action or tradition, which belong to their own race? What I usually notice on the streets is- groups of one race people-walking and talking together. Keeping to their circles, many people hardly expose to other racial people. Are these scenes included in racial harmony? Secondly, Singapore is trying to create a better air of racial equality and harmony, an example of which is Racial Harmony Day. To build a democratic society, peace is indispensible. Thus, if you observe any other race people need help, you should do them a favour; If you work with other race people, you should offer to talk to them sincerely and fervently.

Regardless of races, people will overcome the embarrassment, and the real racial harmony comes some day. Last but not least, Abraham J once said: “Racism is man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.” Hence, giving up racism is another word for relieving from anxiety of worrying about threat. As harmony requires a mutual respect, doing good to other race people is much better than do nothing. Remember, racism is not born, instead, it is taught. Racial harmony is nether born nor taught, it is to be realized.

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