A Review of Writing Styles in the Article of Elizabeth Williams

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The use of styles in writing is important as it makes an article interesting and engaging. In reference to our article at hand, Rachael Ray is expressed as an ultimate dinner hooker. The essay revolves around her, her interaction with her business partner and the source of her success as a top chef. Different styles have been used to bring out her personality. This essay aims at analyzing these styles, identifying them and using relevant examples to support the argument. 

Figurative language is the representation of words in figures of speech, mainly through the use of metaphors and analogy.

Usually, it is an overstatement of the reality but in the long run still makes sense and brings out the required meaning of something. At certain times, figurative language can take the form of a simile. This means that it can be used to compare two things and to show how they are similar or close. A good example of figurative language is in the third paragraph of the article.

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In the first sentence, “Rachael Ray a turbocharged personality who has built an entire career …” is an exact representation of how the author tries to show the personality of the subject. The author refers to Rachael Ray as a turbocharged personality to mean that she is energetic, hardworking and persuasive in her business.

Although the word turbocharged personality is not in the English dictionary, its use on this article relates perfectly to the personality of Rachael Ray and how she handles her work.

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Relating her to a turbocharged engine, which in reality is a very powerful engine for a normal automobile, shows that she works above limits to stand out from her competitors and the rest. Therefore, in my opinion, figurative language is a style well represented in this article. Pun is a subcategory of figurative language. It is used in the essay to bring out humour and make the article more enjoyable and fun to read. It is used with the aim at making the reader laugh or respond positively to the pun. “My husband has been known to hopefully flip open a Ray recipe 30 minutes before he expects to eat, only to emerge considerably later, bathed in flop sweat and exasperation,” is an example of a pun that shows the husbands love for Rachael Ray’s recipes and food. It’s funny how the author’s husband loves to flip open a Rachael Ray recipe 30 minutes before he expects to eat.

Rhetorical questions are mainly used for persuasive writing. They are generally statements given in the format of a question. Its essence is to make the article engaging, as questions make the reader to reason in search for the author’s purpose of using the rhetorical questions. Sometimes they are used to make the reader agree with the author’s thoughts. In this article, rhetorical questions have been used throughout and have basically brought up the required effectiveness. An example to this is, “Why then is there such a thriving cult of antipathy toward the woman Forbes recently identified as the second most trusted person in America?” the quoted rhetorical question is put in place to stress out the fact that Rachael Ray was actually voted for an influential and rare position, one that marks excellence and should be honored with respect.

The rhetorical question therefore plays its role perfectly without bringing in contradictions to the purpose of the author and what he really meant. “Do the meals that have become my weeknight staples actually get made in less than 30 minutes?” Is a statement that has been turned into a rhetorical question, the author here expresses his curiosity and is in shock that the meals can actually get ready in like 30 minutes. In reference to this example, the author tries to bring out the expertise of Rachael ray through the use of this rhetorical question. Therefore, the reader is left with the impression that the meal is of exemplary standards and still gets prepared in a very short time. This emphasis is made possible by use of a rhetorical question, which doesn’t require an answer to make it clear. It is therefore considerable to say that rhetorical questions qualify as good styles when it comes to article writing, stating that it is well represented in Rachael Ray’s essay. 

Imagery as a style is effective in this article and has been used on different occasions by the author. Imagery is the representation of ideas in a manner that will leave the reader imagining. It is a common style used to show close reference or comparison between two subjects, or to give them a better meaning. Imagery can be of different forms in literature, some common forms of imagery include; visual imagery, auditory imagery, olfactory imagery, gustatory imagery and tactile imagery. All these forms of imagery are used in literature commonly as they express the ability to make a reader engage himself in deep thinking and imagination concerning the piece of work he or she is reading.

These types of imagery listed correspond to a certain action, a sense or a feeling. In our article relating to chef Rachael Ray, “The woman who could once do the “chop and drop” with a reasonable amount of serenity has been replaced by something resembling a hyperactive Red Bull addict going through a speed drill while delivering a stream of consciousness,” is an example of a sentence with imagery in it. In this sentence, the quote “replaced by something resembling a hyperactive Red Bull addict going through a speed drill’” represents the changed personality of Rachael Ray. The author tries to make her new character resemble that of a Red Bull addict going through a speed drill. This draws images in the reader’s mind as he tries to imagine how Ray has changed to such a level from the woman who could once do the “chop and drop” with a reasonable amount of serenity. Imagery is therefore an important style in literature and effective to capture the reader’s attention towards a certain piece.

In conclusion, the three different types of styles are effective and make Elizabeth William’s article fun and enjoyable to read. Therefore, I conclude that the effectiveness of these three styles cannot be underestimated when applying them to literature.


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