A Review of the Book Looking for Alaska by John Green


As you can see on my title I will be reading the book that is called “Looking for Alaska” by John.

Green, this book is a young adult novel that holds 221 pages. Looking for alaska was first referred to me by my friend Leila Rodriguez, as I spoke to her about the book she began to tell me a little bit about what was going on, from what I hear there is a kid named Pudge whose life is somewhat boring and ordinary until he is shipped of to a boarding school named Culver Creek where he meets this girl named Alaska Young; now you would think as I first did, that the title meant Looking for Alaska as in actually looking for alaska the one on the world map but now that the information is clear, I believe that I am in for something pretty good.

As I always say about John Green’s books, they all catch my eye no matter what they are about (because I mean its John Green we are talking about).

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When I first saw the cover of, it was a part of the reason that confused me about this book; the cover contains of a pitch black background and in the center of it all there is like a tall yet thin strand of smoke that looks like a recently blown match.

The thing is, is that I don’t really understand why he would use that to describe the scene that the book takes place in.

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I honestly look forward to finding out what the cover means and how it matches to the theme of the book but I guess i’m going to have to read to find out. Come with me in this adventure of Looking for Alaska and as we go tell me what you think about it to.

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