A Review of Novel "Girl with a Pearl Earring"

In the novel ‘Girl with A Pearl Earring‘ we lind that Griet has more power as a woman and a maid than we may have first thought. As we move deeper into the novel we find that Griet has some power over Vermeer‘s paintings, along With the Vermeer lamily and as we reach the end of the novel we learn of her power to destroy the Vermeer family. Grier becomes a well respected critique of Vermeer’s paintings. Vermeer recognises her talent lrorn the moment of the organised vegetables and also when he said “i never thought l could learn from a maid”.

Griet had a valid opinion towards Vermeer‘s paintings and her suggestions were taking seriously. As well as power over Vermeer in his paintings Grier has some power over the lamily since she is respected by Vermeer. This is shown in the situation when Griet’s comb is stolen in the house when it was lound that Cornelia had it Vermeer yells at his Wile, saying she should raise them up better.

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At the end of the novel we find the true power or Griet. the relationship between Vermeer and his Wife deteriorates rapidly when she learns of his painting of her.

While this event may have ruined her life within the Vermeer house, it was the Vermeer house itsell that was getting destroyed. At the moment of wearing the Pearl earrings she thought to herself “You will ruin me”, while this was true, it had a large role in the worsening relationship between Vermeer and his wife.

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While at times we may see that Griet only has power through Vermeer she in tact controls him. Through her suggestions and actions her control breaks the lamily apart digging them further into debt. While Griet may only be a maid and a woman she still has the power of one.

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