A Review of Multmodal Learning Styles

Cara making, outllnes ana time lines created, ana In tne cnolce 0T pnyslcal environment used for study. A read-write learner absorbs information through written forms: lists, reading texts or handouts, detailed note taking, power points, and additional resources like paper or online articles about the subject. Student A also uses some of the strategies of this style with the additional research on the topic, multiple proof reading of written content, and reading of all assigned texts or handouts.

Review of the learning strategies of both the read-write and the inesthetic learning styles shows helpful strategies not currently used by Student A.

This student can also benefit by incorporating several learning strategies from each style. The kinesthetic strategy of relating the information to their own life experiences and finding real life examples would help Student A to retain and recall information as it is attached to real life references the student has already internalized.

Using the read-write strategies of rewriting information several times and turning the content of a graph or diagram into a written summary would help Student A clarify and retain nderstanding of that content.

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Using the VARK Learning Style Assessment is a helpful tool for any learner. It gives helpful information that allows the student insights into how they learn and offers strategies to make the most of that learning style and avoid the problems that can be associated with that style.

It is also very helpful for a student to understand that there are other learning styles and be aware of the focus of those learning styles.

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This aids in translating information given in another style in to the student's style for optimum learning and also helps the tudent translate their style to accommodate the learning style of another when teaching information. References Deep and Surface Approaches to Learning. n. d. ). Retrieved from http:// exchange. ac. uk/learning-and-teaching-theory-guide/deep-and-surface-approaches- learning. html Fleming, N. D. , ; Mills, C. (1992). Not Another Inventory, Rather a Catalyst for Reflection. To Improve the Academy, 1 10, 137. Fleming, N. D. (2011). VARK: A Review of Those Who Are Multimodal. Retrieved from http://www. vark-learn. com/ english/page_content/multimodality. htm

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A Review of Multmodal Learning Styles
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