A Review of Dhoom III

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Saahlr (Aamlr Khan) Is a talented magician who runs an Indian circus in Chicago, once run by his magician father Iqbal Haroon Khan (Jackie Shroff), also using his unique skills to routinely rob a bank that he holds responsible for his father’s suicide many years ago. He must stay out of the reach of surly cop Jai Dikshit (Abhishek Bachchan) and his motor-mouth sidekick Ali (Uday Chopra), who have been dispatched to the Windy City of Chicago to crack the case.

Resting to the belief about the two cracking the case to everyone’s delight, they are fancied with the best forces the Bank’s Chief Anderson (Andrew Bicknell) and the Chicago Police can offer. Here they meet Jai’s apprentice Victoria (Tabrett Bethell), who becomes their partner In crime and their swift support to resolve the case. The very typical Ali falls for the girl Ike he does for every girl he meets and scenes are somewhat directed to be comic, but fails big time.

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Amidst everything going hazy, nters Aaliya (Katrina Kalf) shown desperate enough to be considered In Saahlr’s troupe. She dances, sings, performs arial gymnastics, but acts. Despite being the lead actress as presented by the promotions, Katrina’s character has a very little to do in the story as most of the spaces she Is seen Is only utilized as dummy for navigating the story further. Aside from some genuinely cool moments like Aamir’s getaway on a Chicago waterfront or the climax staged on a dam, Dhoom 3 doesn’t offer very much by way of novelty or Inventiveness.

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What’s more. he film’s middle half gets weighed down by Saahir’s dreary revenge agenda, which is the sole motive behind the story and gets melodramatically derailed once a woman enters the fray.. The film Is missing the thrills that went hand-in-hand with the outrageous heists. screeching tires, and bad guy attitude associated with Dhoom. It’s hard to go into any more detail about the plot without giving away the film’s big twist, which reveals itself right before interval. To drive the story forward, Jal befriends Samar, the big twist and ricks him to get even with Saahir only to realize his poop, as he is countered by Saahir.

The climax included long night chase In the Chicago downtown street to the Dam, where final scene takes place. In all this Dhoom franchise lacks the “Dhoom” factor that the audience might want to be entertained with and can be said to be an overload of chase, and of course Jai-All’s slapstick comedy and hammy acting. Though tne DacKgrouna music complements tne actlon sequences, songs I n a a ‘t nave tnelr job at place. Overall an average hindi action film without a bound plot.

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