A Response on Will Long Term Food Desert Consumers Purchase Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, an Article by Dave Weatherspoon

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After reading the three articles given I came to the conclusion that the first article, “Will  Long Term Food Desert Consumers Purchase Fresh Fruits and Vegetables?”. It showed more information of the subject and facts along with an easy way of showing the information given.

Most of my time writing the paper I had no idea what to type, the example paper you supplied helped me alot with thinking of ideas. During my writing and reading I found out I had never known about food deserts or known the severity of them.

Will food deserts mean more consumer purchases over time? In today’s world there are a large number of places that have food deserts they can cause many problems for people that live in that area. Food deserts are where you do not have a market or place to buy fresh food or produce in walking distance or a quick drive, meaning you’d have to devote a large portion of a day to get food and bring it back to where you live.

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There are an abundance of areas in the world where this is common.

In “Will Long Term Food Desert Consumers Purchase Fresh Fruits and Vegetables?” they talk about if people shop at certain stores more than others closer to their homes, Most said that they shopped at larger stores instead of the closer ones because the larger ones offer more than the smaller ones do. In the title it captures the attention of the Audience that they are designating the article for. They use emotional and personal stories to inform the reader of the severity of the situation that is at hand. They include facts along with stories that backup their statements showing that they have done their research along with interviews with the local people. from past writings, the main writer appears to be a credible source that doesn’t leave any doubt in his reader’s mind.

They say in the article that stores could lower the cost of fruits and vegtables for more people to be able to travel the distance and be able to buy healthier food without spending double the money. The show a graph in the article showing the data of healthier foods versus the healthier foods of other stores father away, showing this informs the audience of how the stores are so different in price.

The main author, Dave D. Weatherspoon, Is a very well known Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics professor. In many of his articles he provides well known and trusted sources for his details and statistics. He shows his arguments and others that may counter his argument as in doing this counters their arguement as well. The sources he provides lets me know i can trust his word and lets me know i can trust the sources because of the other articles he has written and published.

After reading through the article and understanding all the points that the authors had given about the food desert situation in Detroit and other cities like it. The fact is that the government just needs to be able to help people that are in these situations. With the help of more articles and more knowledge for important people we all could help the people who are in these situations and fix food deserts for the better.

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