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A Research Presented to College of Information Essay

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Patient Monitoring System is not new in health care. The first primitive patient monitoring system started with the work done by Santorio in 1625 that was measuring of body temperature and blood pressure. The development of new technology after World War 2 and up to today has developed a vast amount of different types of monitoring that can be done. Time is everything in the field of medicine. It is almost inconceivable to think of a monitoring system which does not notify the changes in the health of the patient immediately.

The sooner the doctors are informed, the better it is.

The notification should be almost real-time, so that the doctors can do appropriate diagnosis and take the necessary steps to improve the patient’s health. Active database systems support mechanisms that enable them to respond automatically to events that are taking place either inside or outside the database system. Active databases are required in applications which require real-time or near real-time notification of any changes that take place in the database.

‘’Patient Monitoring System’’ is application which uses the concept of active database systems for monitoring the health of patients, especially those in Critical Care Unit (CCU).

The health of the patients in CCU is extremely delicate on most occasions, and needs to be continuously monitored to see if pressure pulse etc. This results in the need for an active database system to be implemented to monitor the patient. Any change in health of the patient needs to be notified to the doctor immediately. Our ‘’Patient Monitoring System’’ also helps you to keep your patients files/record to be more convenient to find the files/record of your patient. I. What Is a Patient Monitoring System?

Repeated or continuous observations or measurements of the patient, his or her physiological function, and the function of life support equipment, for the purpose of guiding management decisions, including when to make therapeutic interventions, and assessment of those interventions. A patient monitor may not only alert caregivers to potentiallylife-threatening events; many provide physiologic input data used to control directly connected life-support devices. Patient monitoring systems are systems that collect, store and present patient data; these systems typically do little data interpretation.

In contrast, knowledge-based monitoring systems are characterized by their additional capability of data interpretation. A knowledge-based monitoring system consists of four components. The data acquisition component includes modules for retrieving patient data from all sources (e. g. , continuous patient signals, equipment functions, intermittent data). The presentation component includes modules for presenting the data and their interpretations. The database component is responsible for storing and retrieving the data. These three components are also called components of a knowledge-based monitoring system.

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