A Research on Sleeping Patterns and Triggers

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Sleep is a very important part of life. You need to sleep in order to have energy. One of the key things about sleep is that it allows you to process information. Sleep serves two main biological processes. These two processes are to conserve and to restore.

Sleeping patterns vary with personality. Speaking from my own personal sleeping habits, think I sleep too much. Personally I go into a very deep sleep and do not wake up to anything or anyone.

The main reason behind this is because of college and dorm life. When you stay up so late so many days in a row, you can fall into a bad sleeping pattern. This pattern is a very difficult way to live, which I have found out for myself. Living in a dorm can be exhausting due to the constant interruption by other people all day and night. On the other side, as you grow older, your duration of sleep tends to decrease.

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Another depiction in the sleeping pattern is dreams. Dreams play an important role in someones life. Dreams often represent meaningful events within someones life. Personally I do not think that I dream a lot, but maybe that is because I cannot remember them. Freud had theorized that dreams have two different levels of meaning. The first meaning is the manifest content which is the storyline of the dream and the second meaning of dreams according to Freud is the latent content, which is the dreams real, but hidden, meaning.

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Dreams go on to relate to the unconscious mind.

Psychoanalytic therapists use dream analysis in order to define motives and conflicts within a patient. I remember as a child that I used to have dreams about being kidnapped. I can remember one dream to this very day with all of its particulars. I went through an extreme phase of being scared to death of being kidnapped.

Cognitive development is another approach to psychology that I have a particular liking to. The reason I like cognitive development is because it pertains to the process of how thinking changes over time.

A Swiss psychologist by the name of Jean Piaget had a theory about schemes in the cognitive developmental process. In his theory of schemes he noted that they were mental structures or programs that guided a developing childs thought.

There are a few stages to Piagets theory; the first being the sensorimotor stage. This is the stage from birth until around the age of two. Minimal amounts of thinking occur in this stage. This can be hypothesized because of the young age and minimal experience of the new born. The next stage is the preoperational stage. The age range for this stage is from about ages two until age seven. During this stage children have a better-developed mental representation of things such as hot and cold. They also start assimilating to their language. One of the most common things first picked up during learning to speak is saying, Da-Da. These sounds come out much easier for a young infant rather than, Ma-Ma. The reasoning behind me knowing that I said Da-Da is because that is what I am told from my parents. The third stage is the concrete operational stage. The age range for this stage ranges from about seven to eleven year olds. At this stage things start to become more apparent, e!

specially self-appearance. As stated in the book text, things become clearer. The example of how a short wide glass can hold just as much liquid as a tall narrow one. This new ability to differentiate between things like this is known as conservation. The fourth and final stage of Piagets theory is the formal operation stage, which is from about age twelve and on. During this stage, childrens abstract thought appears. At this age children also tend to conquer harder concepts such as truth, justice, relationships and existence. I can relate my little cousin to this stage. He is involved in many relationships now with girls and he is only 14 years old. Whenever I talk to him he plays the twenty questions game with me. As far as truth goes, I notice he lies a lot, but every young kid always lies.

Adolescence takes on a good portion of someones life. Adolescence begins mainly at puberty and ends sometime around adulthood. I myself feel I have grown up much quicker because of the atmosphere I was always in. When I was younger I always hung out with my older brother and his friends. I think I have developed a certain charisma from hanging out with older kids at a younger age. When I meet older people than me, they seem to respect me more and give me a chance, rather then thinking I am an immature eighteen year old.

Puberty is one of the main characteristics of adolescence. This is the time when sexual hormones start to rage throughout the body. One of the main effects of puberty is physical maturation. Another effect is the new role of sexuality. Sex is a big thing to think about in a teenagers life. In a study of teens, it said they often think about sex.

Another theory that was believed by Erik Erikson was the essential crisis of adolescence is discovering ones true identity amid the confusion of playing different roles for different audiences in the expanding social world. I agree with this theory completely. Being in college you often see how kids react among others. People tend to be someone who they are not. They are merely just trying to impress others and make themselves look better. I see it everyday. This is why I think I have grown up and matured quicker than most eighteen year olds. The reason being is that I act like myself. I dont really care what other people say or think about my personal image and me. I believe that being yourself is the best aura you can you can send to others.

Another theory by Erikson is that of the occupational choices within adolescence. According to Erikson, deciding on a vocational commitment is a central issue of adolescent identity formation. In this particular stage of adolescence, I think many people are confused. People seem to be so caught up in there age of immaturity that occupational choice gets neglected. I think that everyone always dreamed of being something when they were younger such as a pro athlete, doctor, policeman etc. I think you go through adolescence; it becomes more difficult to decide what you want to do in most cases. From my own point of view I find it hard at the present time to decide what I really want to do as far as an occupation.

There are many things in life that pertain to psychology. There are also many different theories made by psychologists that are thought out very well. Psychology is a very diverse field in the way that it involves so many things in life. For instance in this essay you can see how sleep patters can be define very well through theories. You can learn to understand how thinking patters of people can be derived. You can also learn how things affect people and society in general. Psychology can prove and disprove many things within people and how they act. Overall, I think that it is a very interesting subject.

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