A Research on Cashless Society and the Possibility of Cash Becoming Obsolete

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Research Proposal

Although cash has been an essential part of our society since the start of our country, cashless technologies keep growing. People have been taking advantage of conveniences like online banking, debit and credit cards, pay by mobile and other cashless technologies. In some cases, consumers could be putting their information at risk by using these technologies in an unsecure way. I would like to research the extent of our cashless society and whether or not cash might someday become obsolete.

By explaining how I have personal interest in my topic and proving that it is argumentative, I hope to convince you that my topic is research paper worthy.

One of the most essential reasons why I would like to research this topic is because I have great personal interest in the financial world.

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Working at a bank caused me to develop many questions about money and how it was created. I often questioned the authenticity of hundred dollar bills when customers brought them in, and I always wanted to ensure that they were not counterfeit.

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It made me wonder if only using debit and credit cards would actually prevent counterfeiting from happening. Cashless technologies have risk in them just as much, if not more, than using actual cash. Debit and credit cards may be easily stolen if a criminal has your personal information. Understanding how our society may be transforming into a cashless society seems a bit overwhelming, and I want to do more research on the topic. From my personal essay, I clearly write about how I have interest in banking and the financial world. Since the fact that more and more cashless technologies are being released into the financial world, my interest in this topic is extensive. I also mention in my personal essay that I am more interested in a topic when many people are affected by something. Since this could potentially affect everyone in the United States, and possibly the world, I am very interested in this topic. Everyone that I know uses cash for at least one thing or another. Expanding cashless technologies to the point where cash is no longer needed is something that many people will care about. Because of my financial background and personal interests, I believe that this topic would be great for my research paper.

The changes that occur as the United States moves into a cashless society are argumentative because there are multiple views on this issue. There are different ways to interpret how cashless payment methods will affect cash in our society. One interesting side on this issue is made by Allen Kupetz when he explains about how cashless technologies are viewed as “disrupters”. Because cash has been in our society for so long, going without it would drastically change the way we do business in America. Big businesses would probably benefit from cashless technologies, but the government does not have much to gain from it (Kupetz 39). Kupetz asserts this point by explaining that the government’s “…macroeconomic monetary and fiscal roles will remain. All kinds of new technology would emerge to enhance the security and privacy issues related to a cashless society” (Kupetz 39). In this argument, a cashless society is not unforeseeable, but it would force the government to develop new ways of keeping our information and money secure. One article in Engineering & Technology argues that the future of cashless technology is in mobile payment services. The article also mentions that people with smart phones are already able to access their balances online and pay bills with a touch of a button. It won’t be long before smart phones will be able to hold advertising incentives too. Furthermore, coupons and rewards could be accessible right at the store, even as you check out. This is possible because of near-field communication technology, which basically relays information between a smart phone and a payment device (Bodhani 58). This article provides the argument that we are already changing our society to allow for new cashless technologies. There are many different arguments to how cashless technology is changing our society, so it is clear that this topic is argumentative enough to be considered a research paper topic.

I would like to request your approval for this topic. The United States as a cashless society would dramatically change how some aspects of our society work. My interest in how cashless technologies are affecting our society is extensive, and the topic allows for various viewpoints to be argued. If there are any problems or concerns you have with this topic, I would appreciate it if you would let me know as soon as possible. Approving this topic would ensure me that this topic is suitable for a college level research paper.

Annotated Bibliography

  1. Bodhani, A. “Smartphones Pay The Price.” Engineering & Technology 6.10 (2011): 56-59. Academic Search Premier. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. [This article provides information on how smart phones are transforming how consumers buy products. Not only does it make buying things available online, you can also use your phone to check out from a store. New technology called near field communication. They are trying to move our society into using cashless technologies to make purchase. I think this article will be good for my research paper because it provides examples of how cashless technology is already being used in the modern world.]
  2. Kupetz, Allen H. “Our Cashless Future.” Futurist 41.3 (2007): 36-40. Academic Search Premier. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. [“Our Cashless Future” discusses the rapid growth of wireless phones and devices that accelerates our transition into a cashless society. The author mentions that debit and credit cards are becoming more and more popular which is signal that people are using less paper money. He describes three critical issues for success or failure of a cashless society: security, privacy, and ease of use. This article would be great for my paper because it has a lot of information about moving toward a cashless society. It explains in detail what sort of changes would have to be made, including security changes. I like how it emphasizes the three points of security, privacy, and ease of use.]
  3. Mas, Ignacio. “Smart Banknotes: A Proposal for Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Electronic Money.” The Futurist Jan.-Feb. 2011: 6+. Academic OneFile. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. [This article has an interesting view on new technology. It provides the example of a “smart banknote” which would be able to be activated or deactivated electronically. Bank customers would be able to access their cash from anywhere at any time of the day. Electronic cash would be transparent and traceable; this is not necessarily a good thing. There could be questions about the privacy of how your money is being spent. This is a good article to use in my research because it provides another example of cashless technology. It also provides some interesting viewpoints on cash and compares paper money to cashless technologies.]
  4. O’Grady, Matt. “The End of Cash is Coming Soon-Like it or Not.” Canadian Business 85.4 (2012): 54-55. Academic Search Premier. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. [This is a review of the book “The End of Money: Counterfeiters, Preachers, Techies, Dreamers – and the Coming Cashless Society”. This review is very helpful because it gives some very interesting points about the benefits of cash and the benefits of cashless technology. It is a nice compare and contrast article that understands both sides. However, I feel like this article is more argumentative towards paper cash being better than cashless technologies. It could be a good article to use in my research paper because it explains both sides. It also gives some interesting statistics that could be relevant for my topic.]


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