A Report on the Success of Taylor Swift as a Young Entrepreneur

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I decided to write this paper on Taylor Swift. I’ve always been a huge fan of her music, the way she carries herself, and especially the way that she is an entrepreneur at its finest. There are many reasons for her success as an entrepreneur, but I found a really cool article that gave five things that small business owners can learn from Swift. I wanted to take this approach because this article really applied to me in regards to what I want to do in the future, so I learned a lot.

#1. Over-Promise and Over-Deliver

Small business owners can follow Taylor’s strategy of bringing her A game to every performance, and then consistently incorporating different elements to satisfy fans.

#2. Mix Your Energy With Commitment

Taylor Swift has always had a high level of passion for what she does in music, and she’s stayed dedicated to a few rock solid elements, such as doing her own songwriting. This is something that made her who she is today, and she’s stayed committed to those values.

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Make goals, look at the big picture, and stay true to who you are.

#3. Be Open, Real, and Flawed

Small business owners should always be themselves, no matter what, even if they make mistakes. Learn from them, and do your best to overcome them, like Swift has.

#4. Care About The Little Things

This is huge for entrepreneurs. Taylor Swift has always taken the time for the little things like planning concerts or responding to Instagram posts.

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A small business needs to see the little things they can do to stand out from the competition to be successful

#5. Stand Out And Find Your Niche

Find the best target market you can possibly find. Taylor Swift is making music, which is something that has been done for centuries. However, she has essential qualities, values, and skills that set her apart from everyone else making music. She embraced her uniqueness, just as small business owners should.

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