A Report on My Learning Experience in Informative Speech

When reviewing my speech, I learned what I did strongly and also what I had done poorly. I really loved my topic and I believe that the audience was able to relate to it and saw why I chose it. The audience seemed to have understood my main points and was interested in where l was bringing them and why my topic of steroids in baseball was important. They were informed on why Steroids is harming the game and what steroid use really is.

Overall my topic was made aware of to the audience and they learned some new facts on a subject that they may have not thought of before. As I stated earlier, while I did do a good job there is always areas to grow in. First of all, I needed to work on the clarity of my speech, which I think could be eliminated with more practice. Secondly I had tendencies to say “um” when I was lost in my train of thought and reaching for words, this also could be eliminated by practicing more and making sure that I had the information down and ready to be delivered to the audience.

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Thirdly my transitions could have been smoother, mainly from my introduction into my main point. I went from telling the audience all about steroid use and went straight into the great players that have hit 700 homeruns. This could have been avoided and will be in the future through transitions and making sure the audience can follow along smoothly.

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Overall I learned a lot from this first presentation and will be able to take the good and the bad and bring it over into my next speech. Speaking is a learning experience and lam a beginner trying to learn the ways of this art. When I prepare for my next speech I will work on the areas that I stated earlier and make the ones I did will be even better and the things that I did poorly in I will make sure to focus much more time and energy to make them great.

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