A Remake Play of Oedipus Essay

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A Remake Play of Oedipus

Oedipus Rex has always been one of the most intriguing and interesting plays that William Shakespeare has ever written. By combining a tragic with complex plots, the legendary playwright was able to establish himself as a classic poet known for psychological tragedies. A modern version of Shakespeare’s plays always produces an equally intriguing curiosity from contemporary audiences. Setting and Milieu If given a chance to produce a remake of this play, I would prefer transforming this play to a modern one. This method would provide the audiences a much convenient way of absorbing the message of the story.

By means of using the present and commonly used language, audiences can easily relate with the events pertaining to the story of Oedipus. The lyrical and archaic lines would have to be dropped to achieve modernity and represent a younger generation. It would be set in present New York where the busiest streets and cities can be found. Characterization Since this is a modern remake of the original Oedipus Rex, King Laius and Queen Jocasta would be an overly superstitious couple who reigns in the city of New York as the state’s richest business tycoons.

It is still the same plot, though. Fortune-tellers warned of a son who would later murder his father and marry his mother. A high school teacher who saw him abandoned in the woods near the school would raise Oedipus. He would grow up as an educated man who fights for what he believes is right. All of the original characters would be transformed into other characters which can represent the present time and eliminate the Shakespearean era of the story. It would be entirely based on modern events. Props and Prosthetics

Clearly, the characters would be using casual clothing which is common to what they represent. The character of Oedipus is most likely to wear plain and casual clothes while Laius and Jocasta are more fitting to wear highly corporate attires. Masks are definitely out of the picture and the facial expressions and gestures would solely rely on the actors’ skills in acting. Stage props include various equipment and tools which are necessary to the backdrop of each scene. It would include materials which can produce a picture of living room, streets, bedroom, and other equipment necessary.

Conclusion Modern versions are not always as successful as the original. However, creating a contemporary remake of something very classic is always convenient for audiences who seek to understand more about a specific classic. Language and differences in poetry interpretation are always a major hindrance in achieving the primary message of a certain literature; but if a person wants to understand the deeper meaning of that classic, it is always productive to turn into modern remakes. They give easy-to-understand insights which are simplified versions of the originals.

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