A Rekindled Hatred for Muslims in American Sniper, a Movie by Clint Eastwood

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In December, 2014, American Sniper did phenomenally well in the box office. Critics hailed it for its strong, sympathetic message for our nation’s finest. The story followed Chris Kyle, in a biographical depiction of a real soldier who served in Iraq. Kyle had done well for himself, coming home a decorated veteran with a kill count innumerably high for his line of work, and even writing a successful novel that would be later adapted to the film. It did well in the box office with 547 million dollars, and it consistently took home a 7.

2 with most reviews. The film received one oscar and 17 other awards. The American public, for the most part, took the movie as a brave depiction of an American hero, a man who had saved countless American lives, and inspired respect for our nation’s military in a new way. There was another interesting effect that came out of American Sniper as well: A refreshing hatred for Muslims in America.

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American Sniper did do it’s best to inspire faith in our military.

Truly, it did, and that’s best exemplified by the fact that they portray Chris Kyle as a respectable human being, and not just some freak who took honest pleasure in killing human beings and beating animals. If you’d like a source for some of those wild claims I just made, you needn’t look further than his own book. In it, Kyle relays some wonderful anecdotes about how he harassed Iraqi civilians, or how giddy and ecstatic he was for ending two human being’s lives with the same shot.

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If it sounds like I’m passionate about the subject, it’s because I am. I don’t believe that Chris Kyle’s job was to kill good men, truly I don’t, but I also understand that war and conflict of that nature has a very clear duality to it. The reason children run into crowds with bombs strapped to their chests, or men fly planes into buildings and take 3,000 lives in the process, is because they were raised out of fear and hatred by those who wished for them to be pawns in a greater cause. The people who fought back in Iraq were in many cases terrorist forces backed by Al Queda, but in others they could have just been the Iraqi military defending their country after US forces invaded on the premise of WMDs that never existed– all of which was just a front for the obvious siege of their oil.

Kyle’s book glorifies the death and destruction of all Iraqi way of life, and that message managed to seep its way into the film adaptation with no problem. It spread this irrational fear of Islam as a religion that has no other forms but radicalized. It tainted the already damaged image of Muslims in America by painting them to be as untrustworthy as the Muslims portrayed in American Sniper– which, by the way, there were no trustworthy Muslims in American Sniper. The film is deliberately set up to make them all conniving backstabbers whose purpose is to destroy the American way of life, hamburgers and all. It’s a disgusting, vile portrayal of the Iraq War and Chris Kyle’s persona– but America loved it. They ate up that war propaganda and spawned a few like-minded individuals to presumably follow in Kyle’s footsteps.

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