A Reflection on the Our Fragile Home Art Exhibition: We Need to Take Care of Our Planet

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Sometimes in the hustle and busy pace of our lives, we as humans can forget to stop and admire the world we live in. We forget that we are just tiny little pieces in a world that has shaped over the span of millions of years with its own amazing creations in nature that make our daily problems seem insignificant in the bigger picture that is the universe. This exhibit, entitled Our Fragile Home, reminds the viewer of just that. The works of art feature elements from nature and have a very earthy mood in each piece.

As the viewer, this exhibit forced me to step out of my mindset of being technology driven and constantly on the go, and really place myself in a mindset of serenity and connectedness with nature to be able to understand the artist’s message. The artist is trying to convey that we as humans need to conserve our planet because the most beautiful works of art are in nature, and if we do not conserve nature then we are destroying the most natural and beautiful art there is, and it cannot be created by mankind.

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The exhibit has a reoccurring theme, in which the words “Sustain, Balance, Beauty, Protect, Nurture, Steward, Fragile, and Harmony” are incorporated in many of the pieces. This supports the idea that the artist is trying to convey a sense of conserving nature, because nature in itself is artwork. The work of art that spoke to me the most was called, “The Source of Their Words 6.

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” This piece appears on rippled, waxy paper with raw edges. It features a structured circular shape with letters from the reoccurring words fitting into the circle, all in disarray and in an industrial font with crisp, sharp lines that appear to be painted. To contrast this rigid structure, there is also a depiction of a tree branch with curves, dimension, and movement. The tree branch appears to be more abstract as the lines are blurred with charcoal, and it resembles the shape of a human body that is lying with an arched back and hair falling behind the head. It is not a naturalistic depiction of a human body, but it is an abstract depiction of a human body made with the shape of this tree branch. To me, this resembles that humans are actually a part of nature and not a part of the ridged modern world that they have created themselves. The artwork also features charcoal lines that appear to be dripping down naturally from the top of the canvas. The artwork was made with kozo paper, acrylic, beeswax, and charcoal. The piece feels very earthy, as the only colors used are the black charcoal and cream-colored paper that appears weathered, worn and a little bit waxy.

Also, the tree branch has a very natural movement to it that flows beautifully with the circular shape, as it connects with it to create movement. There is juxtaposition with the rigid structure of the circular shape and letters, and the free-flowing natural shape of the tree branch. However, the texture of the canvas, along with the free flowing drips of charcoal and the tree branch overall makes the piece feel calming and takes over any feeling of harshness.

The element of line is the most prevalent in this artwork. The curved lines of the tree branch that connect meaningfully with the curved edge of the circle create a sense of calm and serenity for the viewer. It gives the piece direction and movement because the tree branch resembles a person that looks like they are moving their body. In contrast, the lines that make up the letters within the circular shape are angular and crisp and create a sense of authority, masculinity, and rigidity. The free flowing and charcoal blurred lines that create the shape of the tree branch create a sense of tranquility, harmony, and even femininity. I think these two opposing line styles made by the artist were intentional, and created to show the contrast between the man-made world and nature.


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