A Reflection on the Hero Francis Peggy Pegahmagabow

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In our history class I learned that heroes don’t need capes or powers to do the right thing and persevere. I chose to write about a war hero, war heroes are one of the most courageous, brave, selfless heroes of all and I feel that they demonstrate the true qualities of what a hero actually is. That is why reflection is about Francis “Peggy” Pegahmagabow. Pegahmagabow has earned and accomplished a great deal, earning him awards, medals and recognition. He earned a military medal for his services in the second battle of Ypres, this battle was infamous for having chlorine gas deployed in the battle field by the Germans.

It was in this battle that he exercised his virtuosity and skills of sniping and put him on the radar (war pun) .In the battle of Somme, he carried crucial messages to his allies trudging across the muddy and wired battlefield with gunfire in all directions because phone lines would often be cut1.

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He also received 2 bars, one for the battle of Passchendaele and one more for the battle of The Scarpe.

This makes him the most decorated Canadian Aboriginal soldier. His connection to Canadian identity is immeasurable. Francis Pegahmagabow’s work has influenced Canada’s society exponentially during WWI, he played a huge role in helping Canada win battles, reinforcing the ideology that Aboriginals were equally helpful in the war and were equally valuable as any other soldier. This ideology wasn’t very popular back then, but this gave some people hope and ambition.

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To me that’s the biggest impact anyone could ever make in a society. He also shaped Canada’s society when he came back from the war, fighting to free his people from “white slavery” when the Indian agents treated them wrongly.

I don’t think Canada supported Francis’s views, Sam Hughes was in favor of “white” soldiers and only let minorities fight when men were greatly needed in the army after all the casualties. But he proved that he didn’t need to be a certain colour or race to serve his country with honor and nobility, he proved that through his actions. Even when countless times individuals had emphasized that his views and values were wrong, he persevered. Canada disagreed with Pegahmagabow’s views so much so that people reconsidered awards just because of his background. He gave Aboriginals in his area a voice, something most minorities didn’t have because Canada, at that time disagreed with Francis’s views. Like many other heroes Francis stood up for what was right and fought for it. I believe that I share many similarities and differences with Francis Pegahmagabow. A similarity that I think we both share is courage, Francis held his ground when challenged and was determined to win, He had the courage to give important messages to the soldiers in the battle of Somme. I think that I do not give up as well even in the face of certain defeat, I would try to stand up for what I believe is right, even if it means standing alone.

If I saw someone getting bullied I would try to stop that person and have courage. A difference between Pegahmagabow and is that I am not a leader. Francis was an extraordinary leader he was undoubtedly a strong willed and tenacious individual, who wanted change. He fought against “white slavery” and proved that he was as skilled and honourable as any other man regardless of race. I do not think I am a good leader. I do not possess the obvious charismatic and superior qualities of that of Pegahmagabow. In a way I do aspire to be like Francis Pegahmagabow because he took a stand, he didn’t conform to society like everyone else, he was distinct. He changed society through his actions, he fought for his people and made a difference. I want to be different as well, I want to try and change society instead of just being another individual who is too afraid to, I want to make a difference, because ultimately it only takes one courageous person to make a change. I want to be that person. I want to be a hero.

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