A Reflection on My Volunteering Experience of Camp Counseling at Camp Marengo

I turn left onto the gravel road as my heart all the familiar faces of Camp Marengo. It will be it’s for the 5‘” and 6“I grade girls at Camp Marengo i JeaIS wildly with excitement as I see my third year counseling. This year 5 is probably one of the best places in the world, bringing everyone closer to God and each other. I get my assigned cabin, B3, and jump right in with decorating it with Christmas lig to arrive and help them get settled in to their new night falls, we head to chapel and then to our first campfire s’mores and singing.

All the girls in my lives, sharing treats and glow sticks they brought, pictures to remember that night. As the week flies by and all the girls in my hts like I always do. I wait for the girls iome for the next five days, As the ate night activity, the traditional area cabin are having the times of their )eing silly as we sing, and taking cabin become best friends despite not knowing each other at the beginning of the week, I look back and think how it’s almost over, I remember the sleepless nights because somebody had a little too much candy, the singing and rejoicing at chapel, playing games an the fellowship with the other campers.

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The last days comes so I pack my bags and help the girls roll up their sleeping bags and wait for their parents to pick them up.

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As I leave [“16 grounds like all the other campers, I am filled with excitement for the next year to come around so I can share the Camp Marengo experience with them again. These girls taught me so much as they always seem to do when I counsel. They taught me to have a lot patience and how just a simple smile can brighten anyone‘s day. They also taught me to trust one another and that being different is a good thing and can help bring a lot 0 creativity in whatever I put my mind too. Volunteering at Camp Marengo every year has become very special to net Seeing all my campers in high spirits throughout the week and knowing I had a part in that gives me much gratification. I feel that doing this brings me closer to the community and has made me a more confident person in whatever I decide to do in life.

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