A Reflection on a Happy Day Spent Volunteering with a Church Youth Group in Denver, Colorado

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Being happy is one of the best feelings in the world. When I’m happy. it reminds me of all the good in the world and all of the things I love. Atime I was particularly happy was last summer when I went on a mission trip to Colorado with my Church. I was in Denver, Colorado with my church youth group. All week, we had been doing lots of hard work for many different organizations and lots of volunteering. On the third or fourth day of the trip, my group went to an apartment complex where less fortunate children and their families lived.

The kids that live there don’t get much attention or visitors and that’s exactly what we were there to do. During the day. we played games with the kids, did art projects, and ate lunch with them. I could tell how big of an impact we made on those kids. Just having a friend to talk to and spend the day with really brightened their day.

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At that very moment I realized how happy I really was. Volunteering my time to make those kids happy made me happy. I realized how much an afternoon ofjust playing with some kids that don‘t get much attention. can really change a life. Eventually it, was time to leave the apartments. As we left, all of the kids thanked us and game us all hugs. i could tell they were really going to miss us. The looks on their faces were so sad and some of them looked like they were about to cry.

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I was going to miss them too. Just spending one afternoon volunteering your time can change not only your life:, but others’ lives too. Making those kids happy and seeing them have the time of their lives made me ecstatic. Iwill never forget the time I spent with those kids and Iwill always spend some of my time volunteering for those in need.

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