A Reflection of My Grandmother's Affection and Life Lessons

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When I think about my childhood, one thing I remember is the affection of my grandmother and the great things she taught me. Even though she grew up doing the heavy work on the farm in the countryside – getting milk from the cows, killing the chickens, settling cattle and taking care of the farm – she was friendly with everyone, especially, my brother and I. My grandmother taught me with her actions such as spending family time, giving small gifts and telling good memories for the people we love.

When I’ve visited her in the weekends, I can remember of walking through her living room, looking the pictures hanging on the wall, which it had mother’s and family’s photography.

Her house had many objects that made me to think about the live in the farm. Sometimes, when finishing to prepare the coffee, she seat beside me, took her albums photos and started to show each which had a different story.

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She was never in a hurry to tell her stories that made me to go back to the past and revive again each story. At the end of each story, she brought a moral lesson for each every bad situation lived. Every time I knew her story, I liked her more. Regularly, she came to visit in my home and it always was special to me. I heard the bell ringing, looked to the windows and opened a huge smile because she had arrived. Every time, she remembered herself to bring a little brown paper bag with candies which I loved, but I knew I could eat them if I ate my lunch.

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Even so, I kept insisting until she opened a smile, gave me one candies and made me happy again. Years later, I understood that it does not matter the price of the gifts and which the most important thing is to remember the person. In the period of my childhood, my parents has started to work during the day then my grandmother came to live with us. Once a day, she took me to the park and give a exact time to spent there. But I usually tried to extend the time when she called me to go home, so she showed me a piece of twig since then, I accepted to go back. Although she normally threatened to hit me, she never did that because her preference was explaining and teaching. By the time I was grown, the love and care to her just grew up. Today I do not know to explain why I love her so much, and maybe more than my parents. Perhaps, all the teachings that she gave I will never forget them because besides representing her life also give an opportunity to have a better life with all instructions from her.

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