A Reccomendation for Creating Good Ads for Advertising

Your company has been very successful in the past with your advertising. This advertisement worked many, many years ago, but has since faded and is no longer affective in today’s culture. With technology growing as fast as it is, the past if often forgotten I will agree, sometimes bringing back the past can be affective, but not in this situation You work at Coca—Cola, so you understand a lot of your profit is probably coming from college students If a lot of your profit is coming from college freshmen there is one simple solution, start directing your ads towards college freshmen You could do things like presenting Coca- Cola in party formats or even include a celebrity consuming the product.

This ad is definitely directed towards older people that remember the polar bear ads, however, I believe it can be better directed toward college freshmen, I want to start off by saying I am a college freshman. I am always around others who are college freshmen.

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Therefore, I fully understand what kinds of ads college freshmen are looking for. First of all, this advertisement has nothing to spark it. It is very bland and what I believe to be boring.

If you are going to direct an ad toward college freshmen, do not bring back an ad that was used along time ago. A suggestion would be to maybe ad in a modern celebrity or pop star such as Katy Perry and have them consume the product. This would develop a good amount of ethos because you look up to celebrities; and if they are using the product then you will do it also so you can be more like them.

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You could also take the approach of a college party and everyone is drinking Coca-Cola and having a grand time. This is one of the most effective ways of advertising to college freshmen. If they see a picture of other college freshmen consuming your product and having a good time, then they will want to consume it also Again, this could add a great amount ethos. If we see other people consuming the product then we will as well. Another factor you have to consider is price. If you simply reduce the price of your product by 50 cents, college freshmen will flock to your products Doing this will exhibit a strong amount of logos.

It is very simple, if you make your product cheaper, then people will be smart and buy it. Coca»Cola is cheap, so express this and more people will consume and purchase your product. “The only method of advertising known to the ancients was the word of mouth (Scott)? You currently have the word of mouth advertising, however, if you keep making ads like this, you will lose it, If you simply make a halfway decent ad, people will start to talk about it and your product will become even more popular. If you continue to make bland ads then you will lose the word of mouth. College freshmen love soft drinks, Coca-Cola is a type of soft drink, and therefore college freshmen love Coca-Cola. This ad simply has no use of pathos, ethos, 0r kairos. Well, maybe it does, but, not towards college freshmen. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes plain is good, however, there is a limit, this advertisement is simply too plaint This ad can be improved simply by adding some sense of emotion, In addition to this, add some comedy, There is absolutely nothing college freshmen love more than a good old funny commercial.

This is the reason Super Bowl ads are so successfulr They spend a ton of money in order to have their ad viewed on national television; however, in the long run it is worth it. Think of how popular these ads are just for their sense of comedy I am sure you all have seen the most recent Geico commercial about hump day. Till this very second I have not heard students stop talking about how hilarious this ad is. All you have to do is provide some slight use of humor, and your advertisements will start working better than they ever have. Don’t get me wrong, you guys are an extremely successful company, but take your company further by producing stronger adsr In conclusion, you all make an incredible product, one in which college freshmen especially enjoy. Stop bringing back old advertisements which are bland and do not work at allt Sure, these ads were probably very successful, but times have changed and you have to make adjustments to fit these changes, Instead of these old ads, make your ad bolder.

Make an ad that stands outt Include a celebrity, provide some humor, and put in some emotion to spice up your ad, There are so many things you all can do to make your product more successful. You understand most of your profit comes from college freshmen; therefore, it should be extremely easy to target them. We buy ads based on how funny ads are instead of the quality of the product. You know this, so show us you do. Coca-Cola is an extremely successful company, but you can be so much more by creating better ads I am a college freshman, so take it from me; I know what other teenagers want.

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