A Rainy Day Essay

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A Rainy Day

Benjamin alighted from the bus and made a clumsy half skip from the last step of the bus to the bus stop. “Why does it have to rain now?” he thought as he looked up at the gloomy sky. Rainwater lashed down as lightning flashed and thunder roared. It had been bright and sunny the whole day, the sudden downpour half an hour ago caught Benjamin off guard because he had left his umbrella at home. How was he going to get home in the rain? Benjamin stood waiting at the bus stop for ten minutes. The rain did not look like it was stopping. Instead, it seemed to be getting even heavier! To make matter worse, the wind had started to blow. Just then, a gust of chilly wind blew the raindrops into the bus stop, Benjamin could feel that his hands were as frozen as ice. Benjamin was getting wet even under the shelter of the bus stop.

He had to squat on the seat of the bus stop to keep his leg dry. He glanced at his watch, another fifteen minutes before his favourite programme ‘Mystery Mission’ came on the television. He particularly did not want to miss the episode that day as it was featuring Pro-bot, his favourite robot. Glancing at his watch yet again, Benjamin made up his mind. He held his bag over his head, took a deep breath and ran out of the bus stop into the rain. The heavy rain drenched Benjamin the moment he stepped out of the bus stop. Feeling cold, Benjamin started shivering. “I’ll just run to the nearest void deck,” he thought as he tried to race along, splashing puddles on the way. Unfortunately, the path that Benjamin was running along was wet and slippery that he slipped and fell with a loud thud. “Ouch!” yelled Benjamin as he lay on the path.

His bag had fallen from his grasp and his books were scattered about, getting wet in the rain. He sat up slowly trying to ignore the pelting rain and examined himself. Luckily, he only suffered minor cuts and bruises. He picked himself up and hurriedly stuffed his books and pencil case into his bag before limping to the nearest void deck. There, Benjamin called his mother from a public phone. Benjamin’s mother, carrying an umbrella, hurried to the void deck at once. An hour later, after a hot shower and a change of clothes, Benjamin felt much better. He mother had tendered his wound too. He sighed as he looked at his wet books which had been spread out on the table to dry. “Ahh…ahh…ahchoo!” Benjamin suddenly gave a loud sneeze. Oh no, was he coming down with a cold?

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