A Plan for My Scholarship and the Best Use for My Money

Below are three questions that capture the warrior spirit in all of us. Check ’em out, select your favorite and be sure to have fun! Overly serious essays are not welcome in the Weird World of Wonderful Scholarships.

1) Create your own superhero

Add an original poem – the topic for this scholarship slam is completely open.

Tell us what you are passionate about learning and outline how you will spend the $1,000 helping you learn. Your learning plan can include formal education, informal education, travel, internships, books, events… whatever you believe is the best plan for the money.

Be specific and may the best plan win!

I am passionate about learning small business management, website design, and marketing. I am passionate about these particular topics because I want to run my own website design and marketing company.

I propose the following learning plan to help me achieve this goal:

  1. I would use the $1,000 to help me pay for my formal education. Yes, this may seem likea mundane thing to purchase considering the choices of travel, events, etc.

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    However, it is the first essential step in my plan.

  2. Once my formal education has been completed, I will have the skills and knowledgenecessary to begin the process of creating my very successful business. Since I have already filed for my LLC, completed my website (solutionsfromparadise.com), and printed my business cards, I will be ready to get started on the more complicated things right away.
  3. Step one will be to use the education about writing business and marketing plans (allthanks to your scholarship!) to create a strategic and sound business and marketing plan.

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    At this point, I will also use the information I learned in my formal education to create a well structured accounting system for the business.

  4. Step two will be to file for small business grants to help me get my business started. Using the education I have received thanks to your scholarship, I will have the skills necessary to write compelling and informational grants that will be sure to win the favor of those reading them. 
  5. Step three will be to select the perfect location for my first business office. Of course, thanks to the knowledge I will have gained with your scholarship, I will know exactly which demographics I need to target and which locations will lead to the most business.
  6. Once I have selected my location, I will use the knowledge gained from my formal education to negotiate the rates and insurance policies for my business.
  7. Now that I have the perfect location for my business, it will be time to use that  information from my business class to create employee contracts and hire skilled professionals to work in my office.
  8. Once I have the office, the employees, and everything else that goes along with an office, it will be time to use all of that knowledge to create successful marketing campaigns, run the office, and keep everything running smoothly.

So, there is my [very simplified) plan for how your scholarship will help me learn, and why that is the best use for the money. And don’t worry, you’re all invited to the grand opening of my successful website design and marketing company!

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