A Place Where I Can Stay Essay

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A Place Where I Can Stay

If I should choose a place where I can comfortably stay, for a great fraction of this lifetime, I would have to say that I cannot be more content to be anywhere else aside from the school, the place where I work. The school to me has become a symbol of everything I was meant to be – an educator, a guiding hand, and a woman who builds the character of the future authorities of the land. I will go through my roles in the school one by one, to express the reasons why I think there is no better place for me to be in other than the school.

Firstly, as an educator, I go beyond addressing the complex requirements of fundamental to functional literacy, the various levels of intelligences and the depth of information in all the books in the library. I make sure that the minds I educate are open, stretchable and healthy in all aspects. As an educator, I look at the students as containers of wisdom, in which I should pour out everything I have learned in the past, for their sake and mine. There is no purpose like this for me anywhere outside the school.

Secondly, as a guiding hand, I am the gentle wind that blows to keep young minds safely away from the corruption of the land. I am the energy that inspires young minds, telling them that they are meant for greater things, and reminding them that maintaining a sense of morality is still the best key to a successful and happy life. Mothers do this, parents and loved ones, do this, too; but the educator has a unique way of wrapping all lessons together and pounding them into the minds of the learners.

Finally, at school, I am a woman who builds the character of the future authorities of the land. Amid all the heroic acts known to man, teaching is often least regarded as heroism. Even at their best, teachers are often taken for granted, overlooked and underrated. The truth is, if every teacher fails to deliver, then no order could ever be found in the land. The truth is, teachers are doing their job well, but for some reason, it is easy to assume that teachers have got nothing to do with the systematic way of life that people know now.

Perhaps the reason for this is because teachers are mostly women, and since every woman is likely to suffer from being discriminated against in a highly masculine society, teachers are (more often than not) overlooked. The truth remains, however, that together with mothers, together with parents and guardians, teachers practically build the character of the future authorities of the land. So great is the responsibility of a teacher that the others have found the profession to be either daunting or thankless.

As for me, overall, there is no better profession than teaching. In summary, I thrive at school. I do what I do best in school. I am useful and purposeful in school. If I would be asked about the one thing that I have studied and trained for in all the years of this life, I would say it is teaching. Everything about my past is tied to this job. Hence, I cannot imagine doing anything else. Further, there is no better place for me than the school.

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