A Perspective on Obamacare and the Statement of President Donald Trump on the Termination of the Healthcare Program

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One of the biggest things that Trump has said he will do in the time of his presidency is “completely get rid of Obamacare.” He stated that Obamacare “It’s too expensive” and that “It’s horrible healthcare. It doesn’t cover what you have to cover. It’s a disaster. You know it and I know it.” Now, this statement has been under the scrutiny by many people all over the U.S and in some other countries and has been the basis for many a controversy.

However, Obamacare is a staple in many American lives. In the case of utilitarian ethics, Obamacare itself is trying to achieve the best outcome possible for the greatest number of people while at the same time trying to make sure that it hurts the least number of people, which Obama care has been doing. Since its creation, Obamacare has been helping more than hurting anyone such as the fact that with Obamacare you cannot be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions or be made to pay more because of health status or gender.

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Obamacare even made strides in the LGBT community by covering certain procedures for people who are transgender which had not really been represented as far as healthcare is concerned. So, Obama did accomplish his goal of trying to create an affordable health care plan. Obamacare has a slew of benefits for pretty much every part of the community. With Trump trying to repeal Obamacare all that is doing is helping the rich and making it harder for the poor contrary to his words.

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Trump and a lot of other conservatives believe that the government is redistributing tax money from people who they believe deserve that money to people who they believe do not deserve the money such as immigrants. The reality of Obamacare however is not hurting the rich as much as it is helping the poor by having Medicaid eligibility expanding like it has and giving people who are at the federal poverty level access to healthcare. Obamacare has successfully helped a great number of people while refraining from hurting anyone which is one of the best examples of utilitarian ethics. Regardless of the actual affect that Trumps “new and reformed health care plan” will have on the United States as far as what Trump claims he is trying to do, Trump is still at least making it seem as if he is participating in social contract ethics by saying that he will include everyone in this new healthcare. Trump has promised that he will have “insurance for everybody.”

Within Trumps 5 health care principles discussed in his speech to Congress. Certain points of Obamacare, Trump wants to keep in place, such as the fact that people with preexisting conditions can still get insurance so he is still trying to help the people of his country since for example, people with cancer have found it hard to get insurance because they are at a higher risk. If they’re healthy they shouldn’t pay the same price because unhealthier people are a higher risk so they would have to pay more. But what that does is still make it unaffordable for a lot of people unless you are rich. So, instead what that means is that the rich will be getting richer and the poor poorer. They’re allowing different insurance carriers across state lines however, and with competition come lower prices and or more competitive prices and people can have lower insurance because of it so there is an upside. In the context of social contract ethics, the president has the responsibility of upholding the constitutional right of the people including individual right such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Obama upheld that statement and upheld the ‘social contract so to speak.

The president is meant to protect the people in his country. So, when Barack Obama was president that is exactly what he intended to do with Obamacare, he had a political obligation to the people and by giving them affordable health care he tried to improve the lives that the people in his country were living. The right that he was trying to provide was the right to life. Certain people who didn’t have affordable insurance or insurance at all could not cover their medical bills and so some could not even be treated for things that could be threatening their life just because they could not afford health care at the time. Obama upheld his promise and his duty to the people of the United States who depended on him.

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