A Personal Statement Regarding Working as a Primary Care Physician in USA

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At the beginning my mother told me that you have to be a doctor, but I didn’t knew anything about medical field, at that time I was in 5th grade as the time passes my interest is build up and decide this field because I want to do different from my others cousin, most of them are businessmen. They are earning lot off money but they really do not know how to talk and when to talk, I feel uncomfortable between them.

Most important thing is that I can’t lie and I can’t cheat any one for money. Then I decided a medical field which not only full fill my late mother wishes but really suit in my nature and personality. Then I was worried I need a great area for practice and I noticed this is not possible in my country b/c we have few resources for medical field, I decided to go abroad and learn how they are practice and after lot off study finally I reached in conclusion that USA is great country where people like those who are hardworking and enthusiastic with their work.

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Once I entered medical school I realized that its a rewarding field but you have acquire a lot knowledge and put in lots of effort in order to survive in this field that’s why I worked hard, actively participate in problem based learning, form a good reputation among others, and also take a part in a good amount of extracurricular activities, I fascinating this field to become a cultivated person in Medical field that can serve human beings, also I noticed there are many people in my home country who are dying from communicable diseases which can be prevented by applying simple measures and I have to manage them also decline their morbidity and mortality.

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I remembered when I was in my third year of medical school, I was stood bed side of one patient. He was intubated I do not have any idea about the patient prognosis, unexpectedly his wife asked me, “Doctor do you have any idea what is the prognosis of my husband” I noticed she was full of tears and her husband was the only person in their family who was taking care of them. I told her to pray for him and he will get well soon, and there was a smile of satisfaction on her face. After that I read the patient case I noticed that patient had a Cirrhotic liver, encephalopathy, ascites, sepsis and the next day patient pass away, I learned that I should studied a case and acquire enough knowledge before making any comment.

I am enthusiastic to learn modern medicine and which I believe only available in USA, world brilliant mind working in USA health care system and I would love to work among them, I believe after residency I will feel more confident, intellectual, Knowledgeable. I am comfortable to work as Primary care Physician, I have been working with Primary care Physician since my undergraduate and I believe they have thorough knowledge of medicine as compare to other speciality, their role in diagnosis is superior than others. They serve more to community.

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