A Personal Reflective Journal About Doing Community Service

When Mr. Primeaux told the class that we would have to do community service in order to pass the class, I didn’t think it would be too bad. Depending on what I’m volunteering to do, I usually enjoy community service. I had plenty of ideas that I wanted to do for community service already, so I knew that this would be a fun and easy assignment for me. At first I was going to volunteer to help build houses for those whom couldn’t afford them with this one organization in San Diego.

That idea got canceled because my parents wouldn’t let me drive down there.

So then I decided I should volunteer with kids since I love them so much. I didn’t want to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club because they were older kids, and the Club just has the volunteers watch them. NO playing or contact with the kids. That seemed pointless. So my friend calls me out of nowhere one day and tells me how his pastor needs a tutor at their private school.

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I took the offer and! began tutoring little kids. During the whole time I was tutoring, I didn’t even notice I was getting community service hours for it. It was so fun and rewarding!

Not once did I dread what I was doing because the kids always kept me busy either helping them with their homework or playing with them. I felt like I actually made a difference to some of the kids because of the nice things they tell me.

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I knew it wasn’t your typical community service job, but I felt that it was because I was serving the young citizens of the community. For the Lunar New Year Festival, volunteering was more like playing and socializing for me. I met a bunch of new people from different high schools, I worked with more kids at the “Win A Fish!” booth, and I was involved with helping the Vietnamese Americans of our community.

I feel real strongly for my cultural background, and volunteering with other students who felt the same way was real inspiring. I learned a lot from them. I am so glad that my community service experiences were nothing but fun and rewarding. I know there are some volunteer jobs out there that could drive a person crazy. I am so thankful that I didn’t get any of them. I would definitely work with the community in the future. I just have to be cautious of what I would be getting myself into. I felt positive about each volunteer job I took. I know that in the future, I’ll make the same good decisions. This was one of the easiest assignments I had to do ever!

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