A Personal Reflection on a Social Work Course

Throughout this semester the content covered by this course never failed to interest me and provide me with a surprising new perspective on many topics. Coming into social work, I knew little more than what Hollywood has portrayed in movies, My idea of a social worker was someone who tried to help those in abusive situations and most of the time when they tried to help they didn’t. I viewed social workers as disconnected from their clients and trying to help but not knowing the whole story and not really fixing the real problem.

I am so glad that I was proved wrong by what I learned in this course. I think the main core values and roles of social workers include being a rock and just a person of strength and support to those who don’t have a support system in their life. Social workers are there to help support, listen to, and offer advice to those who may have had a rough life.

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I learned the social workers are as immune to their clients life or problems as the media or society might portray them. Instead social workers are a little less than a 24/7 life coach, they help with almost any situation and know of tons of resources available to you within your community.

Like many other professions, there is controversial issues with the social work practice, and not all social workers can handle the pressure of being depended on so much. In certain fields of study like those social workers who treat and deal with clients who are burdened with mental illness, it may get difficult from time to time.

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In the articles I read they spoke of how even social workers, who are trained professionals, tend to put clients in certain situations into boxes. It is wrong to be someone they’re suppose to look up to and then degrade them and put them down, but this is understand because social workers are human and they go home and have to deal with their own problems at the end of the day too, It is nice to know that so many dedicate their lives to trying help others with theirs.

I think the outside videos, articles, and official websites helped tremendously, it helped explore the different views of an issue as well as focus on one and being able to see that view expressed in different resources I do think that the group forums helped a lot because sometimes new perspectives on different views would pop up and it gets you to think a lot about a certain stance on something or a certain solution to it I think that the outside resources, and the group discussion forum should never change, I feel that they are really beneficial when taking an online course One thing that I think should be altered or changed would be the group projects I found that a couple of my group members were taking classes online because they lived in southern California or somewhere away from Humboldt I feel as though it is really difficult to communicate and get the group project done without having one person carry the team, maybe a individual shorter project or paper would be easier for group members to handle In it’s entirety, I really did enjoy this course, it was my first social work class and I think it was amazing. I enjoyed the participation and the academic sources that were provided to us, Most of all I really enjoyed learning all of the different things social workers help out with and how strong of an influence they can be to those seeking help This course opened my eyes to what social work is really covers and what values social workers hold in utmost priority and for that I am gratefulr.

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