A Personal Opinion on the State of USA and the Current Politics

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I do not identify well with either political party and therefore believe myself to be an independent but because I would have voted George W. Bush in this previous election I lean towards the republican side. I do not fit well with either party because I am virtually an extremist, either very liberal on issues such as personal rights ad beliefs but conversely I am an extreme conservative about a shift in the economic structure. But because I am a member of the majority of America (middle class and average in most ways) I align myself with the current views of the majority and what is best for the majority.

I feel that a person, whoever they maybe and whatever beliefs system they might have has the right to say whatever they choose to in America for it is one of our god-given personal liberties granted to Americans in the constitution. But I tend to think that it is not worth the seemingly eternal struggle for the minority to try to revolt and convince the majority of seeing something a different way.

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If the minority succeeds in changing the views of the majority, good will probably come from it for the minority. But regardless of the outcome a portion of the majority will suffer casualties of power and rights.

This does not mean that the majority has the right to abolish the minority nor to ignore the needs of the minority. Should the needs of a few, compromise the needs of the masses? Opinions also cannot be expressed by the few to reflect the many for the majority will never be satisfied with these opinions and this situation of the minority forming the beliefs of the many lea! ds to ignorance of the masses and hopefully to reform by the masses such as the Middle Ages.

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The opportunities will never be equal for people. Some people will always have a better chance at success in life because either their parents and their upbringing give them a head start or because of their strong desire to succeed. This will never change. I am a firm believer in you control your destiny and if you wish to make a situation better you have the power to do so and it does not rest on the shoulders of another.

I take a moderate stance on governments interference with peoples personal welfare for it should be up to the people to better themselves but apparently the government sees that they are needed to aid in the lives of the few who are not willing to support and help themselves. I disapprove of government intervention in my life for I do not have the issues as the minority does to deal with. Because I am of the majority why should I be discriminated against so that someone of the minority has the opportunity? That person should first better themselves and then! earn that spot by personal merit, whether it being admittance to a college or a job opportunity.

The qualified should be accepting these spots not the unqualified for the unqualified do not deserve the position and will just be hurting the institution by acceptance. The minority is not in any way, shape or form deserving of preferential treatment. Economically our country is in very good shape. The government is starting to crave more control of the private sector of business though as displayed in the Microsoft-monopoly battle. Business and government should keep each other in check and not permit each other to become too powerful as has been demonstrated in other decades in the 20th Century.

Because our economy is currently functioning well, with the interest rate decreasing through Greenspans government intervention business should be left alone to produce, sell and increase profit. If the United States government were to see to it that every American have a job, we would be moving closer to communism. For the employment of every able-bodied person is a characteristic of a communist government. America justly gives citizens the right to choose whether or not they wish to work. The government and business need to keep a balance of power to prevent a power struggle between them. I do not consider myself a liberal or a conservative or a moderate because my views change drastically depending on the given topic. And as for the political parties, I am an independent but I lean towards the Republican Party, as I would have voted for George W. Bush. But neither candidate was very worthy for office in my opinion.

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