A Personal Letter from a Student to a Teacher on School and Future Plans

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Dear teacher:

I’m Joe, and like every person in the world, would like to consider myself flawless. Sadly, this isn’t the case for me, but I am trying to work towards it every single day. I’ve been at this school since grade 8, and naturally every year there is more and more work, I knew grade 11 wouldn’t be an exception. Entering grade 11 was stressful for me; with the increased pressure than previous years, sacrifices had to be made.

I had to drop something that I have loved for a long time. Kayaking. It used to be my get-away-from-everything pass for 3 hours each day after school, by going out to the lake and just start paddling and then do a variety of on-land exercises every afternoon. The news is that it did take up a lot of time and effort each day and now it could be used to do things more productive. However, there are many other things that I enjoy doing, such as hanging out with friends or just going on a nice hike somewhere in this beautiful province called British Colombia.

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If you could do anything to help the world, what would you do? I’m sure everyone has gotten this question at least once in your lifetime. Whether it is an accountant or an aid worker travelling around the world, you are contributing to this world. But what would I do if I had the choice? I would join the fight against something that us humans have endured since the beginning of our existence.

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Diseases and viruses. Health issues is the leading cause of death worldwide today, and as soon you have discovered a cure for the problem, another pops up. This pattern has been proven to rip through humans, from smallpox to the black death and to the greatest enemy known to us today, cancer. One cure at a time, it is the way to go. Another goal this year I have is to stay on top of my work, work harder, and not fall behind. This should be easier for me this year due to the fact that there are less extra-curricular activities that I am participating in now. This has been a problem before, but I am confident to not have that happen again this year, or ever again for that matter! I am really excited to be in your class and the this program and I hope this year you will enjoy having me in your class!

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A Personal Letter from a Student to a Teacher on School and Future Plans

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