A Personal Essay About My Love of Mysteries

The thought of cold, lifeless bodies bleeding out on the ground sparks something inside of me. Questions such as who, what, when, and where begin to flutter my mind like butterflies trapped in a jar. Murder is not a game. Some homicides go unnoticed or unsolved. while others are covered up. Although it may be gory and morbid for some, murder mysteries are my greatest interest. In sixth grade, I read a book about a missing mother and how it affected her family and kids.

As I approached the end of the novel, I remember feeling a great wave of disappointment when I realized that the book was going to conclude with a cliffhanger. I asked myself myriad questions as to what and how this poor woman disappeared. but I never got an answer. That longing for a conclusion drove me to other mystery books and those books led me to documentaries. Ultimately, I found a love for mysteries. There’sjust something about how a human being can possess the power and strength to harm another human being to a lethal extent.

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This is why the question “why” is so important. Often times. murder is a result of a sudden fit of rage while other times. it’s the result of a planned execution. This is what makes homicide investigations so captivating, it’s the backstory. Background information gives away so much. That‘s why it’s important to carefully read and listen to the information given. 1 am a strong reader who takes notes of important facts and words as I read.

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This gives me the strength to effectively complete an assignment.

I spend my time reading mystery novels and watching documentaries to further my interest in mysteries. I enjoy gathering different information and creating my own theories about what happened in a case. Books always give me a different perspective to think about compared to TV shows and movies. In a mystery novel, I am able to break down the case with written descriptions that may be useful in the future. On the other hand, in a documentary or a movie, a lot of information can be lost or “sugar-coated”. Writings are more true and useful. Literature provides the audience with greater information and clues. Using the information given in a book, I am able to analyze the situation in a beneficial way that gets me closer to the answer. This is how I approach problems in class. It is imponant to analyze a question to grasp a clear understanding of the directions. Studying homicide investigations has given me many strengths along with a passion. I am able to analyze problems and comprehend difficult questions thanks to my interest Crime scenes not only interest me but they also prepare me. Through my hobby, I am prepared for challenges and intricate questions in life and the classroom.

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