A Personal Account of Enrolling into an Unexpected University, Choosing an Unexpected Class, and Future Goals

Choosing to come to a school like Binghamton University was not at all a plan to say the least. It was on the bottom of my list for schools I applied to and it was the last school I visited. I applied to seven other schools and Binghamton was the best school I got into with the best value based on tuition and academics. I always thought I would end up at some big “rah-rah” school based on the fact that I grew up as a Michigan Wolverine fan, but this small upstate town of Vestal has treated me well thus far.

Plus, the fact that Binghamton is technically the Ivy League of SUNY schools is an added bonus along with the exceptional SOM program, internship opportunities in NYC, and the proud family of alumni. So as you can tell, right off the bat, there was a whirlwind of different variables going into my eventual decision to enroll at Binghamton University.

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Fast forward about 4 months and here I am, a high school graduate about to embark on this crazy journey we call college. My family actually got here the night before move-in-day and somehow schemed our way into moving me in the night before. All of the hassle of moving in the night before definitely payed off because I was able to avoid the whole move-in-day chaotic rush while being able to sleep in late. Leaving my family was definitely the hardest part of the day as it was difficult to see my parents cry in that bittersweet moment.

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Welcome Week was definitely a blur with a whole slew of activities. One event I will never forget was waiting in that big outline of a B with thousands of other freshman as we took the 2020 photo. It was a true experience of meeting new people and starting to build relationships with many new faces and smiles. One person in particular is my roommate who I’ve grown close to over these past several weeks. We communicate very well and know how to give each other space which is a real blessing.

Just like enrolling to Binghamton University was a surprise, finding out I was going to take this class was too. During class sign-ups my Orientation Week, I was not allotted the original classes I chose and ended up in this Harp101L class not expecting what would come of it. After the first Tuesday class, I was hooked. Being able to communicate and relate different discrepancies is a really an almost calming experience. For this semester, I’m hoping to be able to be thrown into the college life with guidance along the way. Whether this includes sharing our ideas, letting others know about different resources, and or finding people with similar interests. These past few weeks, I have really found great value in the weekly schedule and budget sheet homework assignments. For example, I am now positive that I will be become broke if I do not get a job before the next semester and if I do not do my laundry on Sunday, I will not have clean clothing for a week.

On a serious note, college has lived up to my childhood fantasies and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But, there are also a few things that I should hold myself to. A few solid goals to set are to finish the semester with at least a 3.0 GPA, make more friends every week, and find my place in a community at Binghamton University. In accomplishing these goals, I think it is important to study hard and be myself. If I continue to fulfill my part, I’m hoping everything else will fall into place. No pressure though; Everything works itself out in the end.


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