A Person Who Had Made a Difference in My Life Essay

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A Person Who Had Made a Difference in My Life

Everyone go through their life and meeting new people every day. Sometimes there are some people who play an important role in our life which had made a biggest impact in our life. Fortunately, I met that person, Miss Stephanie. She is my form teacher when I was in Form One. I was a very naughty and bullheaded girl when I was in Form One. All teachers treated me so bad because they thought I would influence other good students. They often listed me in blacklist which all the bad students’ names were in it. I played truant and fought a lot with all those blacklisted friends when I was in school because birds of a feather flock together.

My father and mother were so busy with their works so they did not have time to watch me out. There was no one who cared about me. I had freedom and I had a lot of pocket money which most of the child needed. I thought all those things were enough for me and I did not need to study. But someday, the person who changed my life appeared. That day, I was sleeping on the table. I felt people patted my shoulder. I woke and I saw a stranger who was young and blonde standing in front of me. She was Miss Stephanie, our new English teacher who was also our form teacher.

She started paid attention to me and when I played trunk she would advise me and tell my parents to pay attention to me. However, my father and mother did not care about it and they still worked day and night. I started dislike Miss Stephanie because she was so annoying because she even came to my house someday when I did not go to school. Someday, my friend invited me to a shopping Centre and wanted me to join him for stealing. I took the challenge and we went into shop and started our plan. When we finished our plan, we went out from the shop immediately. Unfortunately, my friend’s dropped the things he stole.

The shopkeeper looked at us and my friend accused me for stealing the things. I was in the daze and speechless. The shopkeeper started to scold me and wanted to call the police. Suddenly, Miss Stephanie appeared and told the truth to the shopkeeper. However, Miss Stephanie told the shopkeeper not to call the police. I was so grateful that she had helped us. After that, she scolded us for stealing things with a gentle tone. We promised her not to do it again and would listen to her advice after this. I started went to school and study hard. She taught me study every day after school patiently.

Obviously I passed my test with flying colours. Besides, she also came to my house and advice my parents to be more concerned about me. She was like my second mother who taught me how to be a good girl and what should do and what should not do. Now, I become a girl who is so much better than before. My results improve a lot and now I become a useful person who can help a lame dog over a stile. Without Miss Stephanie, I think I would not become a person who I am now. I was so thankful that I could meet her. Although now she is no longer to be with me but I will always remember this person who had made a difference in my life.

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