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A Pen and A Paper: The Beauty of Life Essay

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When can a person say that he or she finally learn what is life and what life offers? It is such a hard question and maybe not all people can answer it but when can we really give a proof that we were able to fulfill our mission in life? Life is a mystery and not all of the things happening in us have an explanation. Yes, maybe science can answer our question but can it lead us into understanding that life is a matter of taking choices and doing something worthy of our endeavors?

One person’s life can be different to other and so it tells us that there are differences and one situation can be the same with hundred more all over the world. Thus, the power of a pen and a paper, magnificently performed its ultimate purpose, and it is to tell the whole world what it there in your world, no restrictions but just plain storytelling of something different or something common but made you who you are and changed the lives of many others. The perfect medium for intercultural communication that will unite several cultures from all over the world, literature is the key to understanding one’s roots and environment.

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Hidden Magic of Pen and Paper One of the best things in this life is the ability of the people to tell their own stories despite of it passing already. There are some things that can never be done again. However, through literature, we can go back to those days or we can simply learn about the great things in life, whether the story is sad or happy, in the end, we were able to give happiness in this life and we were able to share a piece of paper that holds down someone’s thought about everything in life.

There could be several ways on how a person can share his or her thoughts, but a story that can last over a lifetime can be achieved when we decide to write down everything that we wanted to share to others. Although it is not the kind of medium that everyone can understand and everyone can learn on an instant, it is the medium that can be passed to several generations and can reach several nations. Traditional will always be more admired than what the present offers us.

Perhaps we can simply say that as we use pen and paper in sharing magnificent stories about life and touching the lives of other people we do not know, we certainly understand that books, pen and paper have the ability to let other know about something associated with us. A Brave Thing It is indeed brave enough to hold an event that each and every one of the people around the world can participate into especially those who prefer to hold a paper and write down their thoughts. Not everyone can come out from their shell and simply let go of their creativity but some are good enough to take the risk.

When you finally decided that in writing you can provide others help and enlightenment, then probably you can try to work on something that can help authors and others. Emirates Airline international festival of literature although is new was able to become successful and bring authors and fans together for a conversation, a debate, a dialogue which probably was a good part of the itinerarium. As the festival brings sixty-five authors and poets, they aimed to help others wherein poverty is one of the issues they have to tap.

Organizing such events have deep reasons and the organizers were really intelligent to let something like this happened which will link other people from each other especially when we are talking about the boundaries of culture already. Although most of the participants came from one country to another which has different cultures and different environment, the festival served as a stepping stone towards uniting the field, the industry and the people who can understand that there should be no boundaries but the freedom to explain what they feel about.

Although the festival seem to be a small gathering well, it is not and that the people have their own ways on how will understand what this festival wanted to convey. There are problems before the festival happened but because of the good intention of this event, it was not stopped and it was able to continue and perform its goal which is to bring writers together and also to bridge between cultures and differences.

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