A Patch of Blue

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The story takes place in the 1960’s in Los Angeles. It is urban taking place in a city. The story takes place about two weeks. The point of view is told in a third person. The story begins with telling about the main character, Selina, she is a 18 year old blind. She is blind because when she was about five her father came home from the army unexpectedly, he caught Selina mom Rose- Ann with another man. Rose-Ann tried to hurt her father by throwing acid at him, but she missed and hit Selina.

Selina then lost her eye sight. My first character is Selina. I would describe her as respectable, and a responsible good worker. She is respectable because she is blind and still serves her mother, and grandfather.

She helps clean the house and do chores for them. She wakes up early to help make coffee, and breakfast for them. They treat her badly and she still waits on them.

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Selina is a responsible good worker also because she has been doing the same job for the past eight years. She strings beads for Mr. Faber. The money Mr. faber gives to Selina goes straight to her mother. Selina has to make a certain amount of beads each day or her mother will know, and beat her.

Gordon is caring and outgoing. He is caring because she helped Selina. When Selina was left at the park in the storm he went back to help her and take her to safety.

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When he first met Selina he helped string beads for her since he knew she was blind. On the hot days he would bring her to his apartment to stay cool.

Gordon is also outgoing because when he was first in the park he had the courage to go up to Selina. He notice that there was a lonely girl sitting by the trees and he went up and introduced himself. He helped her and they agreed to meet there the next day also.

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A Patch of Blue

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