A new animal shelter to benefit the communtiy Essay

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A new animal shelter to benefit the communtiy

Northview Animal Clinic will be Opening a Shelter to House Stray and Abused Animals A new animal shelter will be opening in the local community. This animal shelter will be opening with the intent of being able to serve the stray and abused animals of the area. The animal shelter is being opened as part of a current clinic and will be funded by donations as well as grants that have been applied for. This new animal shelter is set to bring about a new type of service for the area and really seeks to address a much needed issue and to serve a population that continues to need a lot of help.

The local community is in support of the new animal shelter and even raised $425,000 in the five years prior to the opening through fundraisers and contributions. The residents say that they are excited to see these animals taken care of and off of the streets. In the past there were carwashes, bake sales and even fundraiser banquets. Fundraisers will continue to be used when funds are low or supplies are needed for the shelter. The shelter will also have a new pet adoption program with all procedes and income from the program going to directly support parts of the shelter program.

The shelter will be run by Dr. Knolls, the long standing veterinarian from Northview Animal Clinic. The shelter will have four full time staff members as well as six part time staff members and will also operate successfully under a wide variety of volunteers. Volunteers are always appreciated and if you are interested in volunteering you can contact the shelter at 414-5798 or the clinic at 414-5797. There are a number of different volunteer positions that are available so you would be able to volunteer in an area as needed.

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