A Movie Review of Slumdog Millionaire, a Crime Drama Film by Danny Boyle

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Slumdog Millionaire is a modern mix of fairy tale. love story. quiz show. Hollywood blockbuster and Bollywood extravaganza! Directed by English filmmaker Danny Boyle and released in 2008. Slumdog Millionaire became a worldwide hit. From the very opening scene. Boyle uses cinematography. mise- en-scene. editing and sound to create a feeling of excitement for the audience. Slumdog Millionaire tells the story of two brothers, Jamal and Maiik, as they grow up in the slums of Mumbai. India. The film is arranged as a series of flashbacks as the adult Jamal takes part in the quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

As he answers each question, he relates a story from his turbulent and amazing life. In the opening scene, Boyle uses various elements of mise»en-scene to create a feeling of excitement. At the start of the scene we see a group of young boys playing cricket on the scrubby runway of an airport.

The city is just visible through dirty smog haze in the background.

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The brothers then lead a security guard on a chase through the nearby slum. It is crowded. ramshackle and noisy and dotted with dirty, vibrant colours. The director uses settings to firmly establish the location of the story. The settings tell the audience that the boys will be tough, streetwise and resilient. The settings show that the boys know how to survive hard situations. In this scene. character action is an important aspect of creating a feeling of excitement. The boys move quickly and easily around the slums; the brothers stay together the whole time despite the mazy nature of the place.

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Despite being chased by police, their expressions show joyfulness. This shows that this is their everyday life. they find it fun; running away is like a game for them. The director has made these choices so that the audience sees the characters as cheeky. rebellious and free spirited. This encourages the audience to empathise with them and support them. During the opening scene. Boyle uses a range of interesting camera shots to create excitement for the audience. Early in the sequence, the director uses a low angle. long shot of the children running from police on motorbikes. The shot tracks forwards as though mounted on the bikes. The fast motion of the tracking shot adds dynamic action to the scene and adds excitement to the chase. The shot places the audience “in” the scene. which creates more excitement. Later in the scene, Boyle uses a high angle. extreme long shot of the roofs of the slum. The long shot, when combined with the previous shots of the location. shows the enormity of the slums. This shot is supposed to shock the audience who may not be familiar with conditions like these. This kind of shock adds to the excitement of the scene. Boyle uses editing to further increase the thrilling feeling the opening scene of Slumdog Millionaire.

The scene contains mostly naturalistic editing that allows the action of the boys running to flow smoothly. The edits are fast. which creates an exciting rhythm and tempo. but they are not too fast that the audience can’t see the action as it happens. The director uses elliptical editing to ‘cut out’ time and make the action appear to happen faster. He also uses action matching as he cuts from shot to shot of the boys running. Boyle‘s editing choices make the scene flow smoothly which allows the audience to become absorbed in the exciting action without being distracted by stylistic editing. The director uses sound effectively to support the excitement in the opening scene. The main diegetic sounds used in the sequence are the voices of the brothers as they call to each other. the voices of the guards as they yell at the boys, the rumbling sounds of the motorbikes and the general sounds of the slums. The yelling. calling out and other loud sounds add to the overall feeling of the gripping sequence The most interesting use of sound is the non~diegetic music soundtrack that plays throughout the chase. Built on a thumping, fast drumbeat, the music sounds like a modernised style of traditional Indian music and includes some rapping that further adds to the modern. Exciting feel of the music The music further draws the audience into the action. making the scene even more compelling and exhilarating, Danny Boyle has used the four elements of film style in the opening scene of Slumdog Millionaire to create a highly exciting experience for the audience. He uses energetic character action, striking settings, dynamic camera movements, flowing edits and thumping music to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Watching Slumdog Millionaire is a unique experience for audiences who may not be familiar with the kinds of characters and settings seen in this film, and will surely encourage more film makers to get dirty in exotic locations!

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