A Movie Review of Gattaca

The movie Gattacu explores many interesting topics, but there is one in particular that will be discussed here If you achieve “perfection” you still won‘t be happy because you have to maintain that “perfectness,” In Gattaco the average was perfection. People who weren‘t genetically modified and deemed “valid” were considered imperfect and therefore below average The human race as a whole isn’t perfect. In fact, being perfect is basically impossible. Which is why even the valids in Guttaca all had some sort of flaw.

Because no matter how much they were physically modified they were still human. This caused some issues. If you were told from birth that you are perfect in every way then several things would happen. First of all, you would have amazing self-esteem. It goes downhill from there. By telling people they are perfect and there is no reason they should ever fail, you’re setting them up for a horrible reaction when they do fail.

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As was stated earlier, humans are fallible and there is no way anyone can be truly perfectt Look at the character of Jerome Morrowt He was a valid and considered perfect in every way. Superior to even some of his fellow valids, His most recognizable call to fame was his swimming excellence When he inevitably got less than first place, he went on a downward spiral. Getting second place caused his tenuous hold on perfection to falter to the point that he tried to kill himself If he hadn‘t been held to such high standards getting second place would only be mildly upsetting or it would even be considered an accomplishment.

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But when you design someone to be perfect you expect perfection and nothing less every time, Humans aren’t perfect and they are not able to be so having this standard for yourself or anyone else will always end in failure and disappointment.

This ties into another reason of why a “valid” system like the one presented in “Gattaca” would fail. As was said earlier, telling people that they are perfect and will achieve great things from birth sets them up for failure. On the flip side telling a child who wasn’t genetically modified that he will never be good enough allows for them to either become a failure or have amazing success The reason for this being since everyone has such low standards for the child, when they achieve really anything it’s seen as them doing what should of been impossible. This dynamic can be explored within the characters of Jerome Morrow and Vincent Freeman. We‘ve already discussed Jerome’s spiral into perceived failure and the despair that came with it, now look at Vincent’s rise to success Vincent was told from a young age that he would never amount to more than maybe a janitor. He lived in the shadow of his “valid” brother. Instead of giving up on his dreams of entering space, all of this doubt from the world around him made Vincent want to achieve his dream even more. In fact, the more society pushed back on Vincent ever reaching space, the more Vincent fought and worked to make it happen. He put all of this extra work in, that he probably wouldn’t have done otherwise, in order to prove everyone who told him he couldn’t wrong. in conclusion, tailoring people’s genes to make them into “perfect” people is an extremely flawed idea and should not be done. No matter how much you edit people‘s genes you can’t change the fact that humans are naturally imperfect Science also can’t ever provide a match for pure human spirit.

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