A Movie Review of Frontiere

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Being a mother makes you considered situations and the environment for your child. Mothers worry every day about the safety of their children whether it be mental, physical or emotional. Yasmine, as we see in this movie, is pregnant when she notifies us in the opening credits by saying, “Who would want to be born to grow in the chaos and the hate? I’ve decided to spare him the worstl” Due to France being under the Vichy regime, Yasmine is concerned for the safety of her unborn child.

She fears for her child who will be born to a Middle Eastern young woman. Being a Middle Eastern person was not exactly a good situation. People, then, were still discriminating “Black” people and anyone else who was not “White.”

So, you can imagine the hesitation Yasmine is having. She has positive factors such as her brother’s dying wish to keep the baby and the admiration towards Eva, who stays, fights on and never leaves her “deformed” children behind.

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However, there is a significant negative factor. This major negative factor is the Neo- Nazis. She will always be worrying that there is a group of Nee-Nazis coming to kill her and her child because they are not an acceptable race. Throughout the movie, you see several maternal actions. Eva refuses to leave her children, refuses to shun them and she still cares about them. There is also Yasmine. In the beginning, she wishes to abort her child, but as you proceed through the film, she becomes more lenient towards the idea of having the child.

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She has never said in the film that she wants to have the child, but you see her become more motherly like Eva. You see her fight her way out of the cannibalistic and twisted ways of the von Geisler family. She is fighting to get out. You see Yasmine with Alex in a cell chained to the wall and succeeding in breaking her out of the chains and then proceeding to dig a hole to get out.

There is also the dinner scene which could be mistaken for an informal wedding reception. This dinner scene makes it the most apparent that she is striving for her child’s life and not only her life. She resists the family’s authority although the family is striving for her obedience. To pttt this to an end, she grabs a knife and holds it to the neck of the “fatherf’ The “father” tells the beloved son not to do anything and she escapes after a bloodshed occurs in the dining room In the end, she and Eva are left as the Final Girlsl Yasmine finally sees what being a mother is like when Eva refuses to leave. Yasmine seems open to the idea of becoming a mother. Because of the similar situations between her and Eva, it would be appropriate for her to take Eva on as a role model. She sees Eva endure with her children being shun, still caring for them and fighting for them. It would only make sense that Yasmine has her child after seeing someone else in the almost identical terrible situation. However, at the end of all of this trauma, it‘d be a miracle if this baby were still alive.

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