A Movie Review of Avengers Endgame: Looking at Plot and Appropriateness for Viewers

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Captain America looks at Thanos with pain and defeat just when he is about to make his attack he hears Captain Marvel through the earphone he has and she tells him look back and when he does he sees all the Marvel heroes coming out of portals. After all of them come out Thanos gathers his army loo and Captain America yells “Avengers Assemble”. The movie 1 would like to talk about is Avengers Endgame (2019) directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo.

Marvel studios. And the actors are Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans. Mark Ruffalo. and Chris Hemsworth and many more the rating of the movie was a shocking 83/10, You have to watch all the avenger movie or most to understand the plot and you have to get ready for a death in the movie. The movie is about the surviving avengers bringing back the people who got dissinegreated in the movie or as the avengers would have said bring back the fallen.

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In the Avengers endgame they have to go back in time to bring all the infinity stone to the present day and try to reverse the effect of the goblet They learned about the time traveling method by Ant man who was stuck in a different realm and he learned about his surroundings while he was there, Captain America and black widow were checking on how the earth and the other planets doing after the snap. Tony stark at the other hand had a daughter now and he got a new house in the countryside so he was living a basic and a normal life, Hulk began experiments to combine the hulk’s strength and the brain of Bruce Banner now he calls himself Professor Hulkl Thor in the movie changed a lot he created a new asgard and he is now a fat alcoholic because of the deaths of his family lrlulkeye starts killing people for a spon trying to find his family and he transforms to the legendary Ronin.

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After Captain america and Black Widow try to bring all the avengers back for a mission the ending mission. One of the things that interested me about the movie and I thought was important was the part where antman comes out of the quantum realm because if it wasn’t for him the World would still suffered from the loss of 50% of the world and they all would still hate themselves for being weak especially Thor. The idea of going back in time was interesting because we got to experience all the avengers movies again and we learned new things about what the ancient one saw in the future and what she was doing when new york got attacked by Loki and many other things. It also ties the loose ends and questions we had about the movie. They show all the hero’s transformation for example Captain America fights the old him and we see that Cap got more strong mentally than physically or how Iron man’s suit got developed, I honestly recommend endgame because it is a great movie and they have an interesting plot and it is good and appropriate for all the family and it is wonh your time to watch endgame and it has great reviews everywhere I want to recommend this movie because this movie has great actors and directors and this is the first film after titanic to earn 22 billion in a week and it ends with an ending that almost satisfies everyone but most importantly is that it is a movie with one of the

best rating and is soon to win an oscar which is best award of all time, The actors for this movie are all like one family and enjoy to be with each other. To sum up I wanted to say that I liked this movie because it has a beautiful story line and it stands out because not all movies come out as good as their trailer some movies focus on the trailer more than the actual film The second thing I like about this movie is that it has a deeper meaning into it, some films are just about a guy that did that and that and it makes the movie is boring after that, but in endgame they show how we as a society have to work together whether we like it or not.

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