A Movie Review and Opinion on Up in the Air, a Film by Jason Reitman

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Movie review “Up in the Air” was directed by Jason Reitman and was released in 2009. The main role is played by Hollywood great star George Clooney. The movie is based on the book “Up in the Air”, which was written by Walter Kim and published in 2001. The film received favor from critics and widespread praise among the moviegoers. Hard though to see. there is thematic a connection with the children’s book “The Velveteen Rabbit”, in which the plot follows the chronicles of a stuffed rabbit and his desire to become real through the love of his owner.

The idea of making this film came out from Canadian» American filmmaker’s mind by accident, while he was browsing novels in the Los Angeles bookstore. The main character. played by George Clooney. Ryan Bingham is permanently confident and smartly dressed businessman at the age of 40’s. The plot tells us about a man. whose job is to dismiss staff for companies, which are not able to do it themselves for some reason.

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As a result of such a specific job. Ryan has to fly almost every day from one world point to another several times.

He feels that his the only home is the airport. That is the only place he truly belongs to. and to which all his desires to be connected. The first problem provided by the movie is about independence and the understanding of this term of each person. Rayan sees his independence at the beginning of the film in case of things that may limit his freedom and those, who might take his energy without his own wish.

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He explains his position using the analogy with the weight of one‘s backpack. The more its weight the harder it is to walk with through the long distances. Nevertheless, as the movie continues he starts to understand that at one moment backpack could be so light, that you may even think it is empty at all and this information may play the opposite role of his theory. The feeling of emptiness behind your back seizes him fully, when he meets a woman. who shares his thoughts. This insight realization leads to reappearance of his theory. he wants to have somewhat deeper connection with those he loves. but his struggles does not give desired result. We can also see an allegory due to the problem with his job.

His ability to avoid emotions and rationalize emotional situations helps him to overcome not only hurdles of his profession. but in his life as well. The question is whereas his theory effective and truthful for him to follow or it is more about his comfort. His theory. concerning his job doings certainly is right, however. the mix of work rules, which are adapted for reaching one kind of goals, and the principles of goals intrinsic for life. is not always the same as separately. We can see how Rayan changes inasmuch as he sees the difference between his values and unexpectedly new ones for him that enables him to feel the real freedom, not the one of the comfort zone. However. the answer is the right to choose from the perspective of the film. No one tells what the absolute truth is in terms of independence connected with life satisfaction, Now we came to my own opinion of the importance of watching “Up in the Air”, I see it so that any question have those who are interested in it. To suggest watching a film for someone who does not think about a certain problem means trying to forward his thoughts, to mark the problem of one’s development. In that case it is a worth watching movie. for the problem is common and I think everyone should spend a while answering the above-mentioned question. As for those. who already thought about, it is definitely a way to make the theory even stronger. which is also not a bad time spend. To conclude, I want to add that it is always a criterion. if the movie tries to impose some theory or it is only about pushing the person to analyze the problem. “Up in the Air” is about the second statement. what I find better and more effective for self-development.

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