It was one of the last days of December when I experienced a misty morning. Mist in Yangon is pretty uncommon to be seen as we have tropical weather. However, on that particular day, the whole atmosphere was covered with mist. And it lasted for a few hours in the morning. The coldness and the freshness of the atmosphere gave the energy to start a new day. It feels like living in a mountain city like May Myo. On that day, I rose earlier than usual with the freezing wind that blew into my room.

Looking out of the window, the chill and the fresh smell of the winter morning welcomed me gladly. At first I was quite amazed to notice the mist. Because it was pretty long enough that we encountered haze in our city. The chirping sounds of the birds from the distance trees and the cold breeze energized me to go for a jog. I woke up my parents and all of us were excited to go out and enjoy the great weather.

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We set off for Inya Lake which is within the walking distance from my home.

My parents are fond of walking along the path on the bank of the lake. The air blowing through the surface of the water is refreshing and they do enjoyed it. As soon as I stepped out of the house, the coldness and the freezing wind made me shivered. Though I wrapped up myself in many layers, I felt the intense cold through my bones.

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At the time we arrived the lake, the sky was still unclear and the sun was hidden in the mist. The surrounding was still hazy and rather on the dark side. But it had already passed the usual time of sun rise. Everything was unclear and obsure with mist that we couldn’t even see a few distance. The coldness made my breath visible. It is a very enjoyable thing to play around when I was a little kid.

Ther were not so many people on the walking path. Supposingly because of the mist and cold weather. The old people who were usually walking or doing exercises couldn’t be found. We saw only a few athletic young people on some training. We ran for about half and hour to warm up ourselves. But it didn’t help very much because the weather is still cold and chilling. All of sudden, the sun came out of the mist and the fog started to disappear. The forst that had been covering the grass started to melt down. The temperature began to warm and we felt more comfortable than before. After having a few exercises, we went for our breakfast at a food stall which is not so far from there. It offered Shan tradtional snacks and breakfast menu.

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