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A Migrant Worker Essay

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As the sun arose that heated July morning the scent of rosemary came from close by, it seemed sweeter than usual and over whelmed my senses it couldn’t be my imagination, or could it? Sadly enough it was only a dream and the scent of rosemary was left on my old, dull and filthy shirt by my sweet heart. I smell extremely musty due to the fact that I have been walking for what seems like seven weeks, seven weeks along this distant and dusty road, seven weeks with the cramp in my god damn back and the burning blisters on my god forsaken feet.

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I am on a mission well…it’s not really a mission it’s more a less a job hunt, I have been informed about a job on the old McKenzie ranch south of Oklahoma it’s a long journey but I’m almost sure that its worth it!

With the sun hitting my eyes I can just about see the shabby old McKenzie ranch within distance, with its earthly brown shade to life its seems lifeless and I start to wonder has the McKenzie family moved away, or am I even at the right ranch. I walk to wards a rusty and crooked gate I move my hard worked hand on to the handle and pulled downwards. As the gate opened it lets out a loud creek as loud as a child’s scream. Unwillingly I move my painful body to the entrance of this shabby old place.

I knock quite loudly on an old unsheltered door, an elderly lady answers the door “Excuse me mam but May I ask if I am at the McKenzie residence?” the kind lady answered “you are. Are you looking for Mr. McKenzie?” I paused “I am” “right this way” a slam from the door behind me made me jump, “you are not afraid of this old place are you sir?” putting on a brave face I answered “of course not!” the old lady let out what seemed like a witches cackle.

“Wait here please” as I wait I notice that the inside is not as bad as the outside there is quite a few images of horses, and I soon smell the scent of apple crumble pie. “The master is ready to see you now” “thank you”. I enter this cramped room whether it was actually cramped or it just seemed that way due to the extremely large man sitting in front of me, who knows? “What can I do for you?” he asked as he munched down his portion of apple crumble, “well sir I want to ask you if you have any room for another ranch worker?” Mr. McKenzie with a jolly look on his face answered “you are just in luck my young man. Sit down” I sat down on the soft cushioned seat the first seat I have sat on in weeks it felt so pleasant and satisfying. “Mary, Mary come

here” the old lady re-entered the cramped room “yes darling?” “Mary this is, this is….” “Tully, my name is Tully Ward” “…yes young Tully is joining us here on the ranch. I want you to make him feel quite at home if you would” The old voice answered “yes darling” “Tully this is my wife Mary. “Hello” came from her polite accent. Mr. McKenzie announced Tully you must not work today I need you to catch up on your rest. I need you strong and alert for tomorrow’s work, the old lady interrupted “Excuse me sir but would you like me to show you to your room?” I felt this creeping smile take place upon my face. “Yes please.” We walked out oh the main house and entered another little building of what seemed like a tiny bunk house, a curly blond haired lady in a pink and flattering dress caught my eye as she laid out the bedding she was tall and not exactly skinny but she sure was beautiful.

Mary looked at me and announced “Tully this here is my daughter Lucy” my face lit up like a brand new candle. Lucy smiled at me with her saucy red lips. “I’m sorry sir but I must get back to Mr .McKenzie” explained Mary “no worries mam” as I said hypnotised by the sea blue eyes in front of me “please call me Mary” “thank you Mary”. “Why hello sir” said this cheeky little voice. “Hello Lucy. Have you lived here all your life?” Lucy sighed and asked “sir why do you ask me boring questions?

My life is craving for excitement and fun and a chapping young man enters this home of mine and asks me “have you lived here long?” “I’m sorry. I don’t exactly know how to talk to ladies” “you are forgiven. I may get back to my chores now. Excuse me.” “Bye Lucy.” She looks back and winks. Lucy looks absolutely lovely but I must remember Katie and my twin girls Stacy and Amy back home, after all I am doing this for them.

As I look around my surroundings it looks quite plain, clean but plain, I have a good steady floor and a wide open room with two sets of bunk beds this must mean that I am sharing with three other people it doesn’t seem to be very homely. My bed looks uncomfortable but who am I to complain I have a job with a roof over my head and food on my plate. The sound of heavy footsteps came from behind me, “hello?” in the door entrance stands a tall strong built man about in his late thirties he has long combed back black hair and striking brown eyes he answers in a deep voice “oh another one of you lot! The boss is too kind, if every poor bloke came into this place there would not be enough food!” “I’m sorry?” “Doesn’t matter, so what’s your name boy?” “I’m not a boy! And my name is Tully, what’s yours?” “Ok ok you’re not a boy but you are certainly younger than me, and I’m Sam, Sam Marshal. “Nice to meet you Sam” Sam gave me a funny look and said “yeah right” and walked back out.

I lay on my bed yes it looked uncomfortable but it was certainly the opposite. I quickly fell into a deep sleep whether I would wake up again I did not care. In my dream was Lucy, Lucy holding a baby in her arms and her father and another man behind her. Her father looked angry and so did the other man, but who was this other man? The dawn of day woke me. Blinded me but still woke me, Sam slept in the same bunk as me and opposite me were two other men. I sat up and rubbed my dark green shadowy eyes, my feet hit the cold earthy floorboards. “Are you ready to work?” asked an unfamiliar voice, I looked round towards him confused “oh I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself you can call me Chad” an elevated young man sitting on one of the bunk beds he had short fair hair and sea blue eyes.

In my unsteady voice I replied “hey, nice to meet you. Have you worked on this ranch long?” Chad replies with a smart comment “well what you think? Do you seriously think I would leave this place where you get treated with respect?” “Well… I suppose not, so is it really that good of a place?” “Of course it is, but I must warn you, have you meet Lucy yet?” “Yes my god she is quite a woman!” “You seem quite inexperienced, so keep away from her all she is is a whore.” “Sorry me inexperienced? Before you jump to any more conclusions I have a wife and two girls back home and I would not betray them!” “Ok ok I’ll know not to disturb you in the mornings! But I’m sorry I don’t mean to offend you its just Lucy is a nasty piece of work!” “Oh I see! I take it that she has a history.” “Where do I start” he said with sarcasm dripping from him voice as he was leaving the room he let out this gigantic laugh!

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