A Memorable Term Essay

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A Memorable Term

In Mr. Rodriguez’s Spanish 1-2 class, we have learned so many new things and have had the amazing opportunity to gain more fluency in another language. Some of the goals we had in the beginning of the term were to learn the appropriate level of Spanish, for example more knowledge of verbs, and how to say basic conversations and greetings. We were expected to have learned everything we were taught, and the basic part of the Spanish language. Mr. Macfarland was our Spanish teacher, and his techniques were that we did our homework in homework packets, and we would sing our vocabulary, which benefited us and helped us memorize it in an easier way. When we took test, quizzes and answered questions aloud, he could judge if we were learning or not by the answers we would give, or the grades we would receive.

The family project we did in Mr. Macfarland’s class was definitely the most memorable and enjoyable assignment we did. Throughout my freshman year, I didn’t do any other project that was like the family project we did in his class, and that is what made it so enjoyable. It was fun to go through old pictures, and be able to sort of introduce you’re family to your class. I did well in my Spanish class, receiving high grades on most assignments. Some of the difficulties I experienced were doing homework, because that was the only class I had homework in everyday and also book work, because it was hard to understand sometimes. I learned many new interesting things; I learned how to have a conversation in Spanish, also verbs in Spanish.

Throughout this term I have improved greatly. I have gained a lot more knowledge, because in the beginning of the term the only thing I could say was hello. As for my achievements, I am so proud that I received an A in my class, because that was highly beyond my expectations. I would grade my effort about a B-, because there were a lot of times I would slack off and not do homework and my performance about a B because I sometimes talked during that class but paid attention and got serious when it was necessary. Learning Spanish can benefit me in my future because I will be able to slightly comprehend others when they are speaking Spanish, which is very important because many people speak Spanish in San Diego. Also, I will continue learning Spanish for my sophomore year.

I did not have issues out of school that affect my classroom experience. Next year I would like to improve my effort, and if I continue taking Spanish in college it could help my transcript from having learned a second language. To reach my goals in the near future, I will continue taking languages because I feel it is something I need to succeed and something I enjoy doing. During this Spanish class, I have had so many amazing experiences it is beyond belief. I will never forget how comical and odd Mr. Mac was. I will also never forget how he made us sing our vocabulary because I have never been able to have fun while learning the meaning of words. Overall, I have made many memories in this Spanish 1-2 class that I will never forget.

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