A Memorable Experience in a Naturalist's Guide to the Poetry of Robert Frost, a Poetry Event at North Carolina Botanical Garden

I was really amazed at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. As soon as I drove up, everything about the place amazed me-starting with the drive- way into the facility. I remember Peter had mentioned that in order to get the Platinum LEED certification, the parking lot had a specific texture and shape for the water to drain. Initially, I thought that this would affect the way my car handled, as I drive a sport car, but no-this was one of the most comfortable roads I have ever driven on.

After parking, I walked through a quaint little trail toward the facility. It was nice to actually experience nature before I even got inside the botanical garden. Once I officially arrived I was even more impressed by the concrete sidewalks of the facility. I saw many imprints of leaves in the concrete, and | sort of felt like I was on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I had never thought about imprinting leaves or anything in concrete before, but I know now that I’m definitely going to incorporate this into my house design in the future.

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I continued my adventure and ended up in the Reeves Auditorium, a nicely designed building (except the lights that didn’t quite work). However, I really enjoyed the natural lighting that the building had, it really helped set the mood for the beginning of the program. I also liked how technologically advanced the botanical garden was. It was pretty cool to see little screens built into the wall (presumably to help control the lighting and to help with energy efficiency).

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Overall, the just being inside the botanical garden was a thrill! I really want to go back and actually visit the garden portion of it-that would be an even greater treat!

However, we must move on to the poetry event. A Naturalist’s Guide to the Poetry ofRobert Frost was an amazing event, albeit, I was a little skeptical at first. I’ve never been an English or poetry person-ever, so I didn’t quite think that this event would interest me. However, I was proved wrong. Peter was such an enthusiastic speaker; I was unable to not enjoy it. A few of my favorites were the Blueberries poem and The Rose Family poem. Generally, ljust liked the poem Blueberries, but The Rose Family, I actually learned a lot, I’ve never been a plant biologist either; my interests lie in the physiology and the medicinal fields of biology. But it was pretty awesome to learn that the general concept of “fruit” that we have today, such as apples and pears and such, are all part of the rose family. In addition to the plant biology learned, I liked how it can be considered sort of a “love poem” with the lines “You, of course, are a rose/But were always a rose.” Another thing that amazed me was Robert Frost’s vast knowledge of plant biology. It’s crazy to think that a “poet” would have such knowledge about scientific topics. What is even crazier to me is that he was able to incorporate their names in his poems. He even incorporated the Latin name of a plant in one of his poems! (I can’t remember what poem it was) But overall, I truly enjoyed the entire experience. To offer feedback in years to come, I’d suggest fixing the lighting problem, as that was sort of annoying, and ensuring that the VGA cable was properly connected to the laptop so it wouldn’t randomly disconnect again.

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