A mate worse than death review Essay

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A mate worse than death review

The essay is entitled “A mate worse than death” which was given justice on the proceedings. This is in particular to a definite type of clubwoman which is certainly not honored yet the acme of perfect clubwoman hood. The author explained the roles and virtues that a perfect clubwoman should/could have on her point of view. Among the roles were, a health addict, a public speaker, a civic leader, a fashion model, a model mother, an artist and an art lover considering the qualities manifested were a pillar of strength, a tower of hope, a symbol of fortitude, personification of charity and a dynamo of energy.

Being a health addict was basically a challenge on the part of a perfect clubwoman. Though she be in the pink of health (in a good health condition), mad about boogaloo and vitamin-laden- to hop in different parties and forums seems to be difficult. But a tough devotion to responsibilities nevertheless tempts hors d’oeuvres (out of work) which bring in mind the relevance of a clubwoman’s hearty appetite. She truly believes in the adage “A sound mind in a sound body” which was a famous aphorism from a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Thales. It only entails why clubwoman attends forums, which is to feed mind as well as to improve on health through food consciousness within different parties.

A public speaker was one of the clubwoman’s roles. The sincerity, depth of feeling in addressing the plea for aid in country, makes her a convincing public speaker. This genuineness was developed due to the saying “Honesty is the best policy”, making her captivating as a public speaker. Transparency and accountability makes a clubwoman a person who could depend on even in strictest confidentiality issues.

The merits of the author’s clubwoman as an art lover were also beyond excellence. Attending lectures on arts, actual demonstrations and applications made her a better one. Another role was model mother bearing on her role as a fashion model. She feels it would be extravagant on spending on her children’s clothes when they are not seen. As a result, she spends the whole thing on her dresses and clothes. And the money she saves for her children’s clothes were splurge on gowns she models at fashion shows benefited by one orphanage. Believing that she is being kind not only to her children but o the children of others.

The glittering roles and multitude virtues provided by the author may give the readers a little hint on a clubwoman’s full worth. However, a wife resembling the author’s clubwoman entails the reason why man as overheard to have remarked that he had a mate worse than death.


The title “A mate worse than death” implies what the author is trying to expound in the essay. The author merely described the roles and virtues/qualities a perfect clubwoman is. The roles explained were all implied as a good individual/citizen without considering person as a wife and as a mother of her own children. The virtues portrays every single individual should have. It has been deeply expressed not just the self belongingness to the social and community affairs but the heartily devoted woman to the needs. Although it seems to be a perfect description of a clubwoman, it was never seem to be a perfect description of a wife and a mother. Nevertheless, socially aware and responsible is acceptable as long as you are individually responsible.

Responsibilities adhere on very roles. Devoting almost all your time for yourself and for being a clubwoman might be dreadful for you and for your family. Because most of us believe that love does not only constitutes to only one but for all the things and beings surrounding us. Balanced time would be greatly a better one making you a perfect clubwoman and a perfect partner as well.

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