A management meeting Essay

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A management meeting

Locate and book room/s with suitability for the meeting (teleconference facilities, IT equipment etc). Ideally, 1 large room with 3 smaller meeting rooms for the group activities later in the day. Seating would need to be arranged as there will be people on teleconference, they will need to hear anything being said in the meeting. 2. Send out meeting invites to all attendees. This would list the venue, date and time, speaker, contact details. An agenda of the meeting would be the best way to send out these details as it lists all that information and lets attendees knows how the meeting will be run. 3. Any travel/accommodation for interstate attendees would need to be arranged. Also the same for the guest speaker (if needed). Transfers to and from the airport would be advisable. 4. They would need to ensure if there are any special requirements for the attendees (dietary, mobility, language etc.) and make special arrangements if anything is required – Vegetarian food, wheel chair access, interpreter etc. 5. Arrange IT equipment to be made available for presentation. This could be either through your company if they have the available resources. If not, they may be available already in the meeting rooms you have booked or you could us a 3rd party.

6. Lunch will need to be ordered. Again this may be able to be arranged with the meeting rooms you have booked or you can organize a local caterer. At the same time you could organize refreshments for afternoon tea (and morning tea if required). 7. Ensure all stationary available and if not it will need to be ordered. This could also be for group training later in the day. Butcher paper, whiteboards etc. could all be used if it’s a brainstorming session. 8. Name tags could be organized if managers do not know each other and also may help the presenter for the group meetings. 9. On the day of meeting, all IT equipment should be tested prior to the meeting taking place. Room should be set up according to needs and re-arranged if it’s not correct. 10. A chairperson would need to be selected to run the meeting. The CEO will be the chairperson for this meeting. As the chairperson, they would need to ensure the meeting runs on time, stays on topic and stick to the agenda.

11. The chairperson (the CEO in this case) would need to select a minute taker – this could be a PA or someone else from the company. It would be helpful if they have taken minutes before or at least are capable of recording a high level of detail at a high pace. They could either take 12. minutes in short form at the meeting and expand on it after or type directly to a PC in the meeting and print out directly after the meeting to be review. 12. Prior to the meeting, the CEO and selected minute taker would need to sit down and discuss what will be spoken about in the meeting, the order of events and just a brief overview of all the key points that will need to be recorded. This way the minute taker knows what they should be focusing on when making notes.

13. Once the meeting is finalized the minutes of the meeting will need to be read through and expanded into a format that can be distributed to all attendees and anyone who may benefit from them. It would be best for the CEO and the minute taker to go through these soon after the meeting to ensure the notes are correct and no key points or discussion points are left off. Once they have had a chance to go through the notes – the minute taker can put into a format which the company uses and can then look at distributing via email, fax or mail. This is also best to be done as soon as they can so it is fresh in everyone’s mind. The minutes from this meeting (and others) should be stored electronically so they can be referenced to in future meetings if needed.

14. All the bookings/arrangements need to be checked off to ensure they are still booked/on time and that no problems are going to arise. This could be done by either the CEO’s PA or generally it would be organized and checked by the Marketing department for the company as they deal with these things on a day to day basis. They would need to call the caterers, travel agents, taxi companies, audio visual people and meeting facility to ensure everything is ok – this needs to be done around 2 days before. Any earlier and there could be problems between when you call and the actual function – any later and if any problems arise it could be too late to make alternative arrangements. 15. From the minutes of the meeting, reports may need to be created to be handed out to relevant employees of the firm. These may have the same details as what is in the minutes but in a more condensed format. It may also include graphs if figures/dates were mentioned and tables to make it easier to understand. They could also include any tasks that have been assigned so people know who needs to be followed up.

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